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   Chapter 2509 Look For His Mom

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Zen stayed in the fairy palace for three days.

During that time, Yan became acquainted with Letitia, Lavender, and the others one by one.

However, the person who interested Yan the most was her nephew.

Geoffrey was still exploring and cultivating in the bottle gourd, so Yan herself entered the bottle gourd to force him to get out.

With his personality, everyone expected Geoffrey to rip his aunt's head off as soon as they came out of the bottle gourd.

However, ever since then, Geoffrey was nothing but obedient to his aunt.

Just like her brother Zen, Yan was strict and merciless toward Geoffrey. In the world inside the bottle gourd, she had taught him a good lesson and made him obedient to her.

Three days later, just as Zen was about to leave with Harold, dim red light rose from the depths of the Swirl Forest.

It was clearly visible even from a distance.

The red light spiraled up like a tornado, containing a terrifying aura.

A moment later, they heard shrill howls.

"Judging from the volume of the voice, I can tell that it's coming from thirty thousand miles away from the fairy palace. That's the center of the Swirl Forest," explained Harold, frowning.

Zen's eyes flickered slightly. "Are Hallet and Augustus in trouble?"

"Perhaps they have met an obstacle," Harold answered, nodding his head.

"Do they need our help?" Zen asked.

Harold shook his head. "You're more important than them!"

"But they—" Zen said worriedly, but before he could finish his sentence, Harold interrupted him.

"Our master and their master have already taken the possibility of failure into consideration. It is not your concern."

A look of helplessness appeared on Zen's face. Harold's words were so stern that he couldn't argue.

However, not long after they heard the shrill howls, a bright white light shot toward the fairy palace. It was none other than Hallet.

Hallet always had the look of an immortal being around him, as if he was the person in the fairy painting. However, at this moment, his body was covered all over with bruises, half his ear was missing, and his hand was burned black.

It was not until he rushed into the fairy palace that he noticed Harold and Zen. Seeing them, he was slightly taken aback. "

alf a month to travel from the Six-Burden Divine City to the Tie Clan. But now, when they used spatial transference, they reached the Tie Clan in the blink of an eye.

After they arrived, Harold flicked his finger, producing a milky-white curtain of light that immediately enveloped the two of them.

Zen didn't want to disturb anyone here or attract too much attention to himself, and the light curtain helped by completely restraining both of their auras. After all, although the Tie Clan was only a third-tier clan, it had a mid-rank True God.

In mid-air, Zen distinguished the location and said, "Here it is!"

"Let's go down," said Harold as he led Zen down.

The moment the two of them touched the earth, it melted away beneath their feet. The two of them shot toward the ground like arrows and sank into it.

As he sank, Harold threw a white flag behind him.

The flag flew straight out of the ground and pierced it. A gust of wind blew, and the flag grew larger in the wind, forming a magic array.

This array flag was also a supreme treasure of the Luo Clan. No one but a consummate True God would be able to see it. And since there was almost no chance of any consummate True God getting close to this area, the array flag could protect this place from being discovered.

Soon after they dived into the ground, Zen and Harold bumped into a gangue layer.

An ordinary True God would find it hard to dig through the rocks, but for Harold, the gangue layer was as fragile as bean curd.

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