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   Chapter 2508 Murphy Was Released

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It would require a warrior's divine might coins to erase the characters on the Ruling Slate.

In the past, it had required many divine might coins to write these characters, and it would require an equivalent amount of divine might coins to erase these characters too.

The limitations and targets of each rule on the Ruling Slate were unique, so one had to consume differing amounts of divine might coins to either write or wipe out the characters on the Ruling Slate.

For example, the 93rd rule applied to the prohibition of the Holy Beings from attacking each other's universe directly. The restriction was not particularly strong, and it was not aimed at any one person directly. Therefore, not many divine might coins were required to write this rule.

Nicholas' brush constantly swiped across the rule on the huge slate.

The divine might coins stowed in his brocade bag disappeared one by one, and turned into a special kind of energy. He then applied his huge black brush to the slate.

The words "divine eras" in the 93rd rule started to blur and finally were erased completely from the stone plate.

After erasing the two words, Nicholas checked his brocade bag. As he had expected, it hadn't cost many divine might coins to erase the two words.

Of course, the total number of divine might coins that had been consumed was awe inspiring, even by the standards of some powerful clans on the Floating Islands. But Nicholas didn't care one way or the other.

Then he continued to wave the ink brush in his hand through the air and created a new word, "years," replacing the words, "divine eras."

According to the previous sentencing, Murphy had been supposed to be imprisoned for three whole divine eras. However, now after the rule had been revised, he only needed to face a prison penalty of three years.

As soon as Nicholas painted the new rule, the whole Ruling Slate glowed with a luminous mist, which meant that the new rule began to take effect.

At the same time, in the cave within the huge mountain, the invisible energy that bound the cave had disappeared.

The moment Murphy had become trapped within the cave, he was surrounded and suppressed by the invisible energy.

This energy could only affect him, and no one else would feel it.

Therefore, other warriors were permitted to enter the cave and visit Murphy at any time they wished, but Murphy was restrained from leaving.

"What? The invisible energy has disappeared!"

With a sudden gleam in his eyes, Murphy, whose hair had grown lank and was disheveled, rose to his feet.

A few moments later, a figure hovered ov

l and Malice, he, Harold, and Yan left the debate venue.

After Zen activated the token of mountain, he had directly returned to the fairy palace.

He had only been away from the fairy palace for a short period of time.

He hadn't expected that Lavender could rely on her own comprehension to prove the Godly Way within such a short time span.

However, Lavender was still unable to enter the divine land without permission. After she had become an ordinary creature, she would not be split apart by the divine land. However, if she entered the divine land, she would still be sensed by the Ruling Slate and would be punished by it.

But this time, they had Harold to accompany them. Once he had learned about Lavender's situation, he immediately assumed all the responsibility.

After all, it was Mike who had taught Harold how to change someone's blood. In turn, it was Harold who had ordered Wynn to enter the Evolutionary Universe and establish the Celestial Position race.

If Harold could help them change their blood and they could become True Gods in the future, they would then be able to walk freely in the divine land.

Making his way back to the fairy palace, Zen did not see Hallet or Augustus. Even Joy was nowhere to be found in the fairy palace.

Apparently, after she had sent Zen to the Non-combat Zone, Joy had quickly returned to the Swirl Forest and helped Hallet and Augustus to control the Swirl Forest. So far, they had not returned yet.

Besides, Bromley had already formulated his own plans on controlling the Swirl Forest. Therefore, Harold had no intention of interfering in that.

The most important thing for Zen to do now was to visit his mother and make a breakthrough in his own cultivation base.

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