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   Chapter 2507 Writing The Rule

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Harper showed a pleased look noticing Zen wearing a disgruntled expression.

His lips curved into a smile in a relaxed manner.

"Good, very good! Hahaha!"

His laughter lingered as the soul faded away.

As soon as Harold and Marsh sensed the disappearance of the soul waves, they immediately looked at Zen's training room with concern.

After a while, the door of the training room creaked open revealing Zen as he slowly walked out holding a sword on his hand.

"Zen, are you okay? What happened?" Harold asked in concern.

Surprise flickered across Zen's face as he saw two Holy Beings and Harold rushing over to him. Warmth filled him making him smile as he said, "An accident occurred during my time of cultivation."

"What's this sword?"

Gibson asked and stared at the long sword on Zen's hand.

The soul of the Shadow Bearing Sword was thoroughly refined after it had successfully fused with Zen.

As the two strongest Holy Beings in the Sword Clan, Marsh and Gibson had sharp eyes for the well-known swords in the world.

It could be said that eighty percent of the best swords in the entire divine land were from the Sword Clan.

They immediately recognized the extraordinary power of the Shadow Bearing Sword at a glance.

"The aura of this sword seems to be very similar to the Truth of Goodwill and Malice. It doesn't seem to belong to the divine land," Marsh observed and stated.

They were curious and didn't know where the sword came from. Because Zen had been brought to the well by Lorena in the debate venue, they had no knowledge about this sword.


Zen stretched his arm as the Shadow Bearing Sword was slowly lifted up.

Merging with the fragments of the sword soul, he suddenly realized that his understanding of the sword had reached a new level.

He felt like the sword was already like his arm and it could be regarded as a part of his body now.

"This sword was given to me by the master of that soul a moment ago," Zen said flatly.

"Is it the sword of that powerful man at the Other Shore Realm?" Marsh asked with his eyes opened wide.

"Yes," Zen answered and nodded.

After merging with the sword soul, Zen had already figured out several theurgies about the Shadow Bearing Sword. But as he was still affected by the Truth of Goodwill in the debate venue, he was not able to activate them.

He was very mu

the punishment from the Ruling Slate.

Nicholas had sent someone to make a thorough investigation, but they didn't find any trace of a stowaway.

He suspected that those stowaways must come from the Evolutionary Universe, but he could do nothing about it when Harold had distracted the Jiang Clan.

In the end, he just ignored them.

After all, the stowaways from the universe were only a group of proving godly warriors. Would it even matter even if they became low-rank True Gods? Could they change the situation around?

But even if they could, there was no time left. He had no intention of wasting time arguing with Harold. The game should be over now.

"The ninety third rule..."


Nicholas flew up. He held the ink brush with his fingers and squinted his eyes.

He patted slightly and a bag appeared on his waist.

Inside the bag was a Sumeru Space. The Sumeru Space was considered to be as large as a world.

There were countless divine might coins stored in this space.

The divine might coins of the Dongfang Clan had been collected and stored over the years. In addition, the alliance of the wealthy clans would also give half of their own divine might coins to Nicholas.

The amount of divine might coins of the Dongfang Clan was dozens of times more than that of any clan.

"The rules are destined to be written by me. Now you will never be able to fight against me," he said coldly.

Nicholas' eyes slowly emitted a faint light. The ink brush in his hand was already waving towards the Ruling Slate, aiming to change the ninety third rule.

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