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   Chapter 2506 Fusion

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Zen stared coldly at the sword soul, and emotionally, he was in an absolutely calm state.

The sword soul didn't give Zen very much time. It only hovered in his mind for a few short seconds. Then, the sword blade rushed toward Zen with the intent of killing him.

"Come on!" Zen roared.

A light flashed in Zen's cold eyes at once, which were still as bright as stars.

In the end, the sword soul of the Shadow Bearing Sword was only a soul - not a real sword. Seeing as it was constantly being consumed, it would certainly eventually be subdued!

Therefore, Zen's soul once again shone brightly with an alluring golden light.

Zen sat quietly in a secret room. The Sword Clan, Harold, Yan were not capable of sensing the room's abnormality.

Only Harper silently observed the strangeness.

That said, Harper was still confused with what he was currently looking at.

Logically speaking, Zen simply couldn't conquer this sword with his current strength. In all honesty, it was more likely that he'd become a slave of the Shadow Bearing Sword!

On the other hand, Harper truly hoped that Zen could conquer this sword with his own strength and power. This was the only way that Zen could qualify to obtain his wholehearted assist.

Two hour had passed.

Zen was still sitting quietly on the secret room's floor.

The Shadow Bearing Sword had the Soul-isolating Seal, which could completely isolate Zen from the sword soul. Even Harper couldn't understand what was going on in Zen's mind.

Four hours had now passed...

Harper was getting more and more anxious.

If Zen really became the slave of the Shadow Bearing Sword, it wouldn't matter anymore whether or not Harper went for help. It would simply be too late, and Zen's soul would be destined to suffer irreversible injury.

Another hour passed, now making a total of five hours.

It was then that Harper could no longer ignore his feeling of confusion. One way or another, now was the time that the outcome should be decided.

Soul-level battles weren't like battles using martial arts skills, in which warriors fought each other for several rounds when their strength was approximately of the same level.

Many soul-level confrontations were usually decided on the spot, and there was no time for special exercises. But Zen had persisted for more than four hours, and the sword soul of the Shadow Bearing Sword was still in his mind. What were they doing?

"Never mind. I'd better interfere first..." Harper thought.

He waved his skeleton arm high up above his head.

A trace of invisible soul energy immediat

d you really tame that Shadow Bearing Sword?"

"Yes." Zen nodded his head briskly.

"How is that possible? How did you succeed something like that?" Harper asked in a bewildered tone of voice.

Harper had thought of two ways to tame the sword. That said, with Zen's current cultivation, it was just an impossible accomplishment.

Zen blinked his eyes a few times and said, "At first, the sword soul was constantly attacking my mind... Then, it fused completely with my own soul after I cut it into pieces with my own two hands..." His voice trailed off.

As he listened to Zen, Harper fell silent for a long time before he slowly asked, "Is that all? Just that simple, hmm?"

"That's all," Zen said tightly. Zen pursed his lips and a little displeasure showed on his face.

How could he say that was simple? How could he be so degrading? Zen frowned.

Just like a maniac, the sword soul had attacked Zen continuously and ferociously without stopping.

Zen had clenched his jaw and grinded his teeth hard in order to continuously reactivate his soul force and fight back. He hadn't had an easy time whatsoever.

Zen didn't even know how he had endured the last few hours.

Fortunately, the light on the surface of the sword soul suddenly dimmed, and at last, it turned into a few pieces of soul fragments before finally integrating into Zen's soul. Only then did he completely get rid of the Soul-isolating Seal.

As he repeated what Harper had said in his mind, Zen felt a little helpless.

In the end, the Shadow Bearing Sword was so dangerous and Harper hadn't even warned him beforehand. If he had let his guard down even just a little earlier, he might have been the one devoured by the sword soul instead!

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