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   Chapter 2505 Battle In Mind

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Harper watched the scene in silence.

He was so anxious that he wanted to interfere, but soon, he gave up that thought and calmed down.

"The Shadow Bearing Sword is a godly sword...

Only a warrior who enters the Other Shore Realm can truly wield it.

If you want to use this godly sword, you need to fully comprehend the Truth of Goodwill and Malice. Otherwise, you will become the Shadow Bearing Sword's slave! But since your talent is so great...I wonder if you can break free from the Shadow Bearing Sword?"

Harper murmured as he watched the scene in front of him.

Lorena's persuasion had aroused a glimmer of hope in Harper's heart.

And this tiny ray of hope was Zen.

The worst thing in the world was hope turning into disappointment and despair.

But right now, Harper still had a chance of survival. When the time came, he would not hesitate to sacrifice everything he had, but he hoped that it all meant something because of Zen.

"Come on. Don't let me down! If you can really tame the Shadow Bearing Sword while being a low-rank True God, I, Harper, will definitely follow and serve you for the rest of my life," Harper added.

The color in Zen's eyes gradually dissipated.

A powerful spiritual sense burst out from the Shadow Bearing Sword, pouring into his mind in the blink of an eye and exploring his soul.

It was the soul of the Shadow Bearing Sword.

The Shadow Bearing Sword had accompanied Harper for countless years. It had been a part of many wars in the Source World. Under the infiltration of the Truth of Goodwill and Malice, it had long formed its own consciousness.

To be the owner of the Shadow Bearing Sword, one had to get its consent.

One way to do this was to have a complete comprehension of the Truth of Goodwill and Malice.

Another method was to use another Truth of Godly Way to wipe out the marks in the Shadow Bearing Sword, but this was a much higher expectation of the sword holder. It was impossible to do unless the warrior was at the Other Shore Realm.

But right now, Zen felt stuck because he didn't fit either of these requirements.

After he activated the Shadow Bearing Sword with the Truth of Goodwi

ound Zen's mind and once again shot toward him. It seemed as if it wouldn't give up until it cut Zen's soul into pieces.

This sword was actually so troublesome.

Zen hadn't expected that the sword that his mother had helped him obtain would bring him a fatal disaster.

But when people were walking on the tightrope between life and death, a powerful force would burst out of them.

"Ripping Consciousness!"

At this moment, Zen finally used the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

Although Zen had been using the Emotion Closing Godly Way in the swordsmanship a lot, the Emotion Closing Godly Way was actually related to the soul.

It could be said that the base of the Emotion Closing Godly Way was the soul.


The sword light on his body intensified.

As the sword soul approached him again, his soul emitted countless thick golden sword lights that surged toward the sword soul, forming a golden river.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sword soul was soon washed away by the river and drowned in the blink of an eye.

It was evident that the sword soul wanted to rush against the current, but it didn't take long for it to be carried away by the current instead.

Zen's eyes were expressionless as he looked at the sword relying on the golden light he had emitted.

This time, a cold soul and an expressionless sword soul confronted each other in Zen's mind.

After a short while, the sword soul moved and rushed toward Zen again.

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