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   Chapter 2504 Control The Shadow Bearing Sword

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Mike was a Holy Being, but his knowledge was no greater than that of other Holy Beings.

At the very beginning, all the creatures in the divine land, including the Holy Beings, had thought that they were the only creatures in the chaos, and that the divine land was the only world.

It was not until they found a large number of Sanskrit words that someone began to doubt this knowledge.

They had found clues related to the extraordinary creatures.

It was not until Mike had met Lorena that he realized that there existed a greater Source World in the chaos.

And the Source World was not the only world.

At the bottom of the chaos were a group of creatures that had been cursed by the Chaos Ancient God. They were called the Out-of-Land Fiends.

Harold had heard his master mention this before, which was why it had been easy for him to connect to the strange encounter that Zen had had in the sun.

"How strong are these Out-of-Land Fiends?" Marsh asked, concerned.

Since the Sword Clan had chosen to be on the side of justice and was ready to fight against the alliance of the rich and powerful clans on the Floating Islands, their situation would become more troublesome if other forces and powerful living beings became involved. This was the reason behind Marsh's concern.

Harold shook his head. "I don't know. The master didn't reveal much."

After all, everything that Mike knew about the lands outside the divine land, he knew from Lorena. But Lorena wasn't experienced when it came to the Source World, and neither had she seen the real Out-of-Land Fiends.

She only knew that there was indeed a group of creatures at the bottom of the chaos that had been cursed by the Chaos Ancient God.

However, if these creatures could release a band of red light that could wrap around the divine land, while allowing themselves to survive in the chaos, it only explained how powerful the Out-of-Land Fiends actually were.

"You mean to tell me there is no way to solve this problem?" Marsh asked.

Harold merely nodded.

Marsh smiled bitterly at this. Gibson, who had been standing silently beside him, said bluntly, "I feel like you tricked us into getting involved."

Harold smiled broadly at this and a moment later, continued, "I haven't tricked you. We've been on the same boat since the very beginning. And soon

them to make a move at this time!" Once Zen returned to the Sunrest Tree, Harper listened to Zen's report.

"But Lorena said that you were the hope. The fate of the entire Nine Li race rests on you. We are hoping that you could help us out of this predicament," Harper murmured.

"What? You want to try the Shadow Bearing Sword now? Oh, no, no. Your understanding of the Truth of Goodwill and Malice is still at the lower level. How can you control that sword?" Harper's hollow eyes flashed.

Zen was tired after cultivating the Truth of Goodwill and Malice. And now, he was fiddling with the Shadow Bearing Sword!

"I've tried this sword before. It's like an ordinary sword and has no life," Zen said, holding the heavy sword in one hand. "If I want to use this sword, I must rely on my comprehension of the Truth of Goodwill and Malice! I'll try again!"

Zen began to recite the Truth of Goodwill and Malice in his mind.

When he activated the Truth of Godly Way, he felt the sword in his hand begin to quiver.

"I was right!" Zen was filled with joy as he continued to activate the Truth of Godly Way.

After he activated the Truth of Goodwill and Malice to a certain extent, he suddenly felt a vague consciousness emanating from the long sword.

This consciousness seemed to wait for Zen to make a choice, but because it was too vague for him to tell what it was, he could only make a random choice.

But the moment Zen made his choice, he felt like he was being suppressed by the sword and that his whole body was no longer in his control!

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