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   Chapter 2502 The Red Light Band

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Being able to change both the position and direction of the unimaginably enormous divine land was quite an incredible, unbelievable feat.

Zen, however, was extraordinary and he accomplished it quite easily, merely by relying on several rings.

Zen could only sigh with emotion and continue believing that the person who built the divine land had been ingenious enough to create such an exceptional method.

At that very moment, Zen had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

"But what power does the divine land rely on in order to fly within the chaos?" Zen wondered aloud.

Among these seven rings, two of them were above his head and would provide him with the vastest of views.

Four more small rings, located on both his hands and feet, controlled the position of the divine land during its flight.

The final ring encircled his waist.

This time, Zen released his spiritual sense without a moment's hesitation and infused it directly into the ring!

As soon as Zen was closely connected with the ring around his waist, he immediately felt four waves of immense energy fluctuations!

"These energy fluctuations are so terrifying..." he uttered to himself.

Such tremendous energy fluctuations were completely above Zen's level of understanding. Describing how powerful the four energy waves were was beyond words. Zen was slightly shocked.

And he clearly felt that these four forces came from the four corners of the divine land!

'The Ray Tree, Sunrest Tree, Hidden Tree, and the Lofty Tree!

I can summon the four great divine trees' power with this ring! These forces could drive the entire divine land into movement! So, that explains it... The four divine trees are like this ship's driving power. Or, perhaps they are the ship's paddles. They provide constant energy in order to make it possible for the divine land to travel within the chaos!' Zen thought.

The Dongfang Clan, Sword Clan, and the Moon Clan on the other hand, were a different story.

Although the three clans had respectively occupied the Ray Tree, Sunrest Tree and the Hidden Tree, they had only obtained some support of the divine trees, and thus, couldn't use divine trees' power themselves.

If one ever wanted to use the four divine trees, then they'd have to use the ring that was currently around his waist!

After all the pieces of the puzzle had come together and he had a thorough understanding of what had occurred, everything seemed to become simple and clear.

With the help of the ring around his waist, Zen released the four divine trees' energy all at once.

It only took a few brief seconds before four

er, no matter how Zen erupted the energy from the four divine trees, or even used both his hands and feet to make the divine land move left, right, up, and down, he was unable to tear the red light band in half. All he succeeded in doing was ensuring that the divine land remained in its exact current position, floating amongst the chaos.

"All of this is going to cause a lot of trouble."

Zen looked and felt helpless.

In Zen's attempt to shake the band of light off, it had also caused a certain degree of chaos in the divine land.

After all, the violent shaking of the divine land was bound to still cause a great deal of trouble. Certain sources of water such as the great rivers and lakes poured ragingly, forming a torrent. Even a portion of the colorful sea water in the Time Sea surged outward!

Both the divine citizens and the True Gods were tingling with agitation. They couldn't help it.

Harold and Yan, who were both waiting in the Sunrest Tree, looked at each other in dismay.

"Why is the divine land trembling so violently? Are we having a quake?" Yan asked at once.

"I'm not sure, to be honest. It's strange, really," Harold said with a frown.

Though Harold had never left the divine land, he knew more things than quite a few Holy Beings, thanks to his master.

Without a doubt however, such a substantial shake in the divine land was absolutely abnormal! The only thought that crossed his mind was: what the hell Zen could have encountered when he was controlling the divine land?

After trying several times, Zen finally chose to give up. He was out of options.

When Zen took back his spiritual sense from the seven rings, they directed themselves back to the ground, inlaid just as they formerly had been.

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