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   Chapter 2501 Control

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Zen was shocked even though he knew how enormous the chaos was.

But if a beast's bone was larger than the divine land, how huge must the giant beasts have been when alive?

Zen had also seen huge creatures in the universe.

For example, the Ancestral Dragon was thousands of miles long in its complete form.

A few of the giant beasts even reached ten thousand or even a hundred thousand miles in length.

But these giant beasts at the bottom of the chaos might be several hundred million miles long. How powerful might such creatures be?

How had they perished and fallen down to the bottom of the chaos?

Zen's gaze swept over the bones and saw that they were piled in disorder. They extended into far distance, and were blocked by the chaotic energy.

The number of giant beasts that had died there was probably far beyond Zen's imagination.

"I don't know what's hidden at the bottom of the chaos, but if the divine land—the 'ship' really falls down, the living beings in the divine land will surely be annihilated!"

If such a huge divine land smashed into the chaos, it would cause a huge vibration before disassembling.

The creatures of the divine land, on the other hand, could sense the ground cracking and the mountains collapsing.

And in this process, ninety percent of creatures would be destroyed, with only a portion of the powerful ones being able enough to survive.

Once the divine land broke, the chaotic energy would surge in madly.

The poison of the chaotic energy would destroy the remaining creatures, and in the end, only a few dozens of the Holy Beings would be able to survive.

Furthermore, once the divine land was broken, the universes attached to the divine land, which were also the inner worlds of Holy Beings, would also be affected. The universes would be destroyed.

Murphy and Nicholas would also probably be affected, but Zen had no idea how they would deal with the situation.

"At such a speed, the divine land will probably crash in less than ten years. No wonder Harold thinks that this is of such importance!"

Ten years was just a blink of an eye to the True Go

d at a great angle. But since everyone was in the divine land, they hadn't felt it too clearly.

Some people were ecstatic and realized that someone was manipulating the direction of the divine land, in a bid to save the divine land.

But some of them looked sullen. They had plotted for a long time, but now, Zen's actions had destroyed their plans. They were furious and dejected.

Zen wasn't thinking all this as he was in the palace.

"Looks like these rings can control the direction of the divine land's flight!"

The front of the divine land had tilted dangerously when he had lowered his right hand.

So Zen gently lifted his right hand, and the ring that surrounded his right hand floated upwards.

This gesture caused the front of the divine land to lift and tilt upwards.

"It's done!"

Zen muttered excitedly.

But the moment he lifted his hand, Zen realized that something was wrong. The divine land had only risen upward on one side. The other side remained tilted.

He took some time figuring out the rules, and then slowly raised his left hand.

The divine land had changed its direction completely, but it still maintained its fall.

The divine land was, after all, a huge place and it had great inertia as it fell.

It was not easy to completely change the situation in such a short period of time. But if it kept going at the present pace, the crash could eventually be avoided.

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