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   Chapter 2500 Looking Down At The Divine Land

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Zen continued to worry even after entering the sea of fire.

The sun looked like a tiny fireball from afar, but it was massive from within.

Zen had relied on a flying sword to wander in the sea of fire at a snail-like pace.

At this rate, it would take a long time to find the palace.

On the other hand, the whale was swimming at a speed that was many times faster than Zen's.

After he was sucked into the belly for several hours, the gigantic whale swam for quite a long distance and finally took him to his destination.

It was a blessing in disguise.

Zen's heart beat faster as he looked up at the towering golden palace.

But he did not hesitate. The flying sword under his feet moved upward and then towards the palace.

The palace looked to be nearby, given Zen's vantage point, but it took him close to an hour to get close to it.

"What a magnificent palace!"

Zen exclaimed as he stood at the door of the palace, looking up at it in awe.

The entire palace shone with a golden light. He didn't know what metal it was made of, but he was sure that it was definitely not gold. The soft metal would have long turned into liquid under the high temperatures surrounding it.

He then controlled the flying sword so that he floated into the palace through the open door.

The first part of the palace was also immersed in the sea of fire. But once he had moved forward for a distance, Zen noticed that several mysterious array textures had appeared on the ground.

A curtain of faint yellow light spread out of the textures, blocking the sea of flames.

'This light is almost the same as the light released by the Sun-resisting Umbrella!'

Zen thought, his eyebrows going up in surprise.

So when he approached the light curtain with the Sun-resisting Umbrella, the two light curtains connected to each other.

This allowed Zen to go in without resistance.

"That was easy!" Zen murmured in surprise.

The palace had used the light curtain to create large, saf

huge the clouds formed by the chaotic energy actually were.

He looked around for a while before returning his gaze to the divine land.

Zen looked down and noticed that there were still small black dots on the surface of the divine land.

There were not many, only about fifty to sixty of them.

"These dots look small, but they are actually huge. They are attached to the surface of the divine land. I think they are the universes of Holy Beings," Zen said to himself.

From where he was standing, he could see the Evolutionary Universe, but could not tell which Holy Beings the other universes belonged to.

Zen's gaze continued to travel down. It bypassed the divine land to finally find a grey world.

"Is that the bottom of the chaos?" Zen was shocked.

Harold, his mother, and Harper all had the same opinion about the divine land.

The divine land was falling rapidly.

And according to what Zen was seeing right now, it was true.

Under the divine land was a greyish white world, where the slender bones of beasts stood vertically like the fiends' teeth.

Each bone was as long as the entire divine land.

It was hard for Zen to imagine how huge these beasts had been when they were alive.

The bottom of the divine land was huge and was where bones were buried.

"What the hell is this place?"

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