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   Chapter 2499 Palace

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Even within the whale's belly, the swirling darkness was at a boiling high temperature.

Zen was unable to set aside the Sun-resisting Umbrella since he still needed its protection, so all that he could do was to stay put and watch what happened around him.

Fortunately, the protective light curtain from the Sun-resisting Umbrella was truly solid, although Zen and the curtain were being violently thrown about in the giant whale's body.

But as long as Zen held the Sun-resisting Umbrella tightly in his grasp, the protective curtain could not be broken!

Assured of this knowledge, Zen felt somewhat relieved.


As soon as Zen managed to focus on examining the world within the whale, he became aware of a creepy feeling under his feet. The slow convulsive shivers felt like the peristalsis of some massive body part.

With the Sun-resisting Umbrella in his hand, he continued to roll head over heels into the depths of the whale's inner darkness. He realized that he might be travelling in the whale's esophagus.

When Zen finally managed to find some stability and rise to his knees, he saw a flickering cyan light up ahead!

"Cyan flame?"

Zen's attention was instantly roused.

At the same time, he saw some of the big fish being sucked into the cyan flame.

The gigantic whale had no teeth. Instead, it just swallowed both the fish and Zen whole into its stomach. As a result, and fortunately for Zen, they reached the whale's gut alive, and were not chomped into fish bait.

But when the fish tumbled into the cyan flame, their bodies began to twist madly as if they were in agony. The tenacious fish bodies rolled and bounced in the flame. Soon, Zen saw that these big fish were being burned alive by the flame. They began to sizzle and pop and soon melted little by little, leaving behind only fish bones and triangular heads.

As the burned fish corpses sank into the cyan flame's depths, even the bones gradually disintegrated.

"Is the cyan flame in the whale's body more powerful and intense than the Sun Essence Flame?" Zen was both surprised and awed.

These big fish had been merrily able to survive in the Sun Essence Flame. With such specially resilient bodies, they should not be afraid of any type of flame. However, they were actually consumed and turned into nothing by the cyan flame!

'No, this can't be right... The Sun Essence Flame is supposed to be the strongest fire in the divine land. The cyan flame, shouldn't be more powerful than that. The cyan flame is only equivalent to the gigantic whale's intestinal juices, and here it is used to digest th

sting, and its stomach began to shrink violently!

Zen, who was still dashing around inside the whale's body, also sensed the change. The space around him began to contract rapidly!

"Okay, now's the time!"

Zen held the Sun-resisting Umbrella tightly in his hands while standing at the ready on the flying sword.

As soon as he readied his position in the air, he felt a tremendous force building under his feet, which violently shot him out.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh..."

He tumbled about as if caught in a windstorm and quickly passed through the dark interior of the whale's esophagus and finally saw the light of the sea of fire ahead!

"I'm being chucked out!"

Zen quickly stabilized himself on the flying sword with a deft move of his tiptoes.

After spitting Zen out, the giant whale did not depart. Instead it stared at Zen with its big eyes.

Probably it wanted to make a mental note of what Zen looked like so that it would not make the mistake of swallowing such a strange thing again. Then the whale turned and dived down into the sea of fire with its massive tail sending out fiery ripples.

It was not until the whale had left that Zen heaved a sigh of relief, slowly wiping his sweaty hands on his clothes.

Zen had been an unwelcome tenant in the whale's stomach for several hours. He had no idea how far it had traveled with him inside, or even what distance it had covered in that time.

Just as he turned around to check his surroundings, Zen saw a faint structure rise from the heat waves, not far from his upper right.

"That is..."

Zen narrowed his eyes, his eyebrows raising in anticipation. His face suddenly beamed with joy.

There was a magnificent golden palace floating on the horizon!

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