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   Chapter 2498 The Creatures In The Sun

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The whirlpool propelled Zen upwards at incredible speed.

Throughout the whole process, Zen stood precariously balanced on the flying sword, trying to remain standing as his hands tightly gripped the Sun-resisting Umbrella.

"The speed is too great!"

Now Zen's speed had far exceeded his flying speed, even when he tried his best. The whirlpool thrust him all the way upwards to the sun above.

The momentum built up for about five minutes as he was continually pushed higher into the air.


In the raging sea of fire above his head, a huge flame wave was triggered and swept down towards him.

"I've finally arrived."

The Sun Essence Flames on the outermost and middle layers were merely the flames that left the sun's internal body.

The sea of fire above Zen was the innermost layer of the sun.

There was no time for Zen to think or even adjust his position to get a better stance on the flying sword. Holding the Sun-resisting Umbrella over his head, he plunged with tremendous force into the sea of fire.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that everything around him was crimson colored, as if he was inside a crimson sea.

The burning whirlpool couldn't resist the sea of fire, and gradually it was absorbed into the flames, until it became smaller and smaller, finally dissipating completely.

"The internal area of the sun is vast. I don't know where the hall that Harper mentioned is, so all I can do is slowly look for it."

Zen selected a direction at random and commanded the flying sword to slowly move ahead.

There was no magma in the sea of fire, but a kind of purplish red heat current ebbed and flowed like tides of the ocean. The heat current was very thick, almost becoming a burning liquid. It was probably the liquefied form of the Sun Essence Flames.

The energy contained in it was mind boggling. After all, even if the Holy Beings were to touch it, they would instantly perish!

As Zen continued to steer the flying sword across the fire sea, it was proving difficult for him to increase his speed.

He could only slowly fly while looking around.

He was probably only the second person to ever visit here, besides the captain of the ship.

In such a terrible environment, there could exist no other creatures. This was some relief to him at least, as he did not relish having to fight in such a hostile environment.

"Keep moving up!"

Zen didn't delay or dilly dally.

Two hours had already passed.

Four hours had now passed.

Finally, six hours had passed, and still his search revealed nothing!

He steered across the sea o

r seven feet long dashed towards him, their bodies curving as they swam.

These fish were almost an adult's height, and they soon began circling around Zen. They opened their mouths and grabbed the strange shrimps, swallowing them in one gulp.

"These strange shrimps are food for the fish." Zen was stunned to witness this weird drama.

It seemed that there were more than just these two kinds of creatures living in the sea of fire. At least it appeared to form a complete food chain!

The big fish had an excellent appetite. Soon, they had devoured all the shrimps that had been attached to the light curtain.

Perhaps it was because they were now interested in Zen that they didn't leave. Like the shrimps, they began to use their sharp mouths to bite the light curtain.

But soon, Zen suddenly became aware that the light above him had darkened.

At the same time, the big fish gathered around the light curtain all swished their tails and fled in all directions.

When Zen raised his head, he was confronted with the view of a gigantic whale, which was a few hundred thousand feet long arching above his head!

There were two dark green flames burning in the gigantic whale's eyes, and faint flames were spawning all over the outer layer of its skin.

As soon as the gigantic whale arrived, it opened its cavernous maw and swallowed the big fish whole.

The fish within an area of thousands of feet were sucked into its mouth with a maelstrom of force.

Zen was also within this area, and he was unable to escape. He felt a huge gravitational force passing through, and he was instantly being sucked into the body of the whale together with the big fish. Together, they sank into the darkness within the whale.

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