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   Chapter 2497 Whirlpool

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Zen's entire body glowed golden from all the Sanskrit words written on his skin.

Marsh stood and waited patiently.

After five minutes, Zen's body slowly dimmed.

His outline became more distinct and the aura he exuded was more refined.

The scene intrigued Marsh. "Absorbing the preternatural fire can make you become stronger?"

From a Holy Being's perception, it was apparent at first glance that Zen's body was far mightier than an ordinary True God's.

For example, Zen's astonishing slash that he performed in the debate venue well proved his powerful strength.

If an ordinary low-rank True God made that move, their entire body would've collapsed before they even completed the strike.

However, Zen's body had no problems standing up against such a force.

The young man had shown so many incredible things that his incredibly tough physical body was often overshadowed and ignored.

"Yes," he replied to Marsh with a nod.

Marsh sighed, "I have never heard of such a magical method..."

Since Zen could adapt himself to the Sun Essence Flame in the outermost layer then he naturally would seize the opportunity to refine his body.

He still had no idea as to what extent his body could be cultivated with the Grand Weapon Refining Method.

Ever since entering the divine land, he found it really difficult to find suitable flames for his cultivation.

The answer, fortunately, came to him from his mother who told him that all cultivation methods related to Sanskrit were heritages left behind by the Chaos Ancient God. Thus, the Grand Weapon Refining Method's limit could very well go beyond the divine land.

Its limit could be further explored in the future.

Now Zen had to solve his problem.

"I'll teleport you once again but you'll have to rely on yourself afterward," Marsh told him.

He then carried Zen and zoomed off once again.


In the blink of an eye, the two of them traveled several million feet!

They were high above and couldn't find any trace of the Sunrest Tree or the Non-combat Zone below.

All Zen could see was a white, oval shape on the ground. The white was no doubt sno

our, Zen noticed more and more fire clouds surrounding him.

He was now close to the middle layer of the sun.

Not even Holy Beings would be able to bear the heat at this stage.

'The Sun Essence Flame here is probably a hundred times stronger than in the outer layer. If I lose the Sun-resisting Umbrella's protection here, I'd burn to ashes instantly!' he thought to himself.

He was also quite shocked by the fire clouds formed by the layers of the Sun Essence Flame.

Zen had no idea how the sun was formed and how it maintained such a powerful momentum despite burning in the sky for several divine eras.

It was at that point that he truly felt insignificant.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh..."

A sharp, whooshing sound suddenly came from behind him.

When he turned, tens of thousands of Sun Essence Flame rays coalesced and now formed into a huge whirlpool.


His expression changed and he immediately tried to fly to the other side.

However, the whirlpool was too large. Had Zen been a consummate True God or a Holy Being then he might've stood a chance.

Unfortunately, he was only a low-rank True God and he was merely relying on a flying sword to fly. It was impossible for him to escape.

"Swish, swish..."

At that moment, Zen felt that there was a great force pulling him, as if he was a mere leaf that was sucked in by the whirlpool. He lost control of his body and whirled around crazily.

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