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   Chapter 2496 The Sun Essence Flames

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The East Hall was built with a particularly distinctive translucent glaze.

When one stepped on the ground, the impact triggered ripples, as though one was walking on a dense lake.

When Troy entered the hall, he walked along a long, thin corridor.

A small door waited at the end of the hall.

Behind the door, he saw a huge gray chair in front of him, Nicholas lying on his back atop it—he held a cup of diluted-blood-like wine in his hand. A sweet, charming smell from the liquid filled the hall.


Before this sight, Troy knelt to the ground, saying nothing.

"I thought we were bound to win this time but I was mistaken," Nicholas said lightly.

"It's all my fault," Troy said, bowing his head.

Hearing that, Nicholas looked down at Troy and sneered. "You merely sent Duke to the debate venue. You couldn't even see the whole process, so you can't be blamed for that."

As the leader of the Dongfang Clan's group, Troy couldn't take any real part in the debate.

But he couldn't help but blame himself, not willing to accept the result.

The Dongfang Clan's plan was absolutely flawless from beginning to end.

Until now, Troy couldn't tell what went wrong—how could the candidates escape in the face of the fiend?

It was too disconcerting to him.

Looking at Troy with his head bowed, Nicholas stepped onto the ground and stood up, his burly figure rising from the chair. He poured the wine onto the ground and said calmly, "Harold may have known of our plan."

"I don't understand." Troy shook his head.

"The fear incarnations that the candidates summoned in the debate venue held their own memories—what if they summoned strong fear incarnations to serve them?" Nicholas asked.

Something clicked in Troy's head when he heard this.

"Although I don't know exactly who they summoned, that's the only explanation that makes sense," Nicholas continued. "The capta

created a halo in his hand, ready to cover Zen's body with it.

But right at this moment, Zen's body suddenly began glowing with tiny golden Sanskrit words—it seemed he was absorbing the Sun Essence Flames.

"You're refining your body with the flames?" Marsh was completely astonished. "You're absorbing them!"

He himself didn't dare to absorb the Sun Essence Flames for his own use. Even the Holy Beings couldn't tame the manic flames, but Zen was absorbing them continuously!

There was a legend in the divine land saying that there was a huge palace in the sun—anyone who lived there was qualified to control the divine land.

In an era when the divine citizens remained ignorant, only the most exceptional True Gods could become Holy Beings, and only a select few of them truly challenged the sun.

In the end, they were all burnt to ashes by the sun without exception. But because the Holy Beings could make themselves immortal through universes, they eventually recovered.

Since then, no one ever dared try to get close to the sun.

It was an absolute shock to Marsh to see Zen absorbing the Sun Essence Flames so freely.

Since Zen continued absorbing the flames, Marsh remained in the air, waiting for the other to absorb as much as he wanted to.

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