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   Chapter 2495 Dealing Method

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All of a sudden, Zen appeared in the great hall with Yan, deflating all the hope that Troy, Rachelle and the others had had.

They glared at Zen as if they wanted to swallow him up.

A faint smile hung on Zen's face as he responded to Rachelle's gaze. "You're disappointed, aren't you?"

A murderous look appeared on Rachelle's face. Unfortunately, the debate venue had returned to normal, so her murderous intent was once again suppressed by the Truth of Goodwill.

"You've gotten the inheritance of the debate venue?" Troy asked while staring at Zen.

"Is it necessary for me to answer your question?" Zen raised his eyebrows slightly.

Although he was just a low-rank True God, everything from the way he spoke to the way he behaved made it seem like he was on the same level as the consummate True Gods.

Troy couldn't help but take offense, but he took a deep breath, relaxing his expression before calmly replying with a question of his own. "Do you think that you've already won?"

"At least we've won the first step." Yan, who was standing beside her brother, raised her little face high, her eyes flashing with a sharp luster.

Troy smiled coldly and turned to look at Harold. "Let's hope that you're still this lucky next time." Then, turning to his allies, he said, "Let's go!"

Under his lead, Rachelle, Walton, all the consummate True Gods, and the top-rank True Gods from the alliance walked out of the hall.

When Troy reached the gate, Marsh suddenly called after him. "Say hello to Nicholas for me! Please forgive us for our poor reception!"

Troy turned to Marsh and nodded. "No problem, I will report it to him. Thanks for your 'meticulous' treatment." Then he left the hall in a huff.

Returning to the Time Sea from the Heavenly Sword Divine City was very convenient. One only needed to pass through the transmission array.

After the group of people in the alliance of the wealthy clans left, Marsh looked at the main entrance of the hall and said with a faint smile, "Nicholas is going to explode with anger this time."

Harold nodded. "Nicholas is not one to back down. I'm afraid that the Dongfang Clan will try to take revenge on the Sword Clan."

ndeed running out of time.


Zen nodded. He had learned a lot of things from his mother, so he had no doubts about Harold's arrangement.

Troy and the others returned to the Sword Clan's Floating Island through the transmission array.

All of them had sour expressions on their faces and kept silent.

They had suffered a crushing defeat this time.

After leaving the Sword Clan's Floating Island, Troy traveled through thick clouds and returned to the Floating Island of the Dongfang Clan, which was the first-ranked Floating Island on the Time Sea.

"Look! It's Master Troy!"

"Master Troy!"

"Troy, you're back!"

When Troy entered the Floating Island of the Dongfang Clan, all the members of the Dongfang Clan bowed respectfully to him.

But Troy just walked past them without saying a word. He was heading toward the East Hall on the Floating Island with a gloomy expression on his face.

"What's wrong with him?"

"Why hasn't Duke come back with him? They went to the Non-combat Zone together, right?"

"Did they fail?"

"So what if they failed? When have they ever succeeded in recent years? Why is he so upset?"

The disciples of the Dongfang Clan didn't know any details, but they knew that something was wrong from the look on Troy's face.

When Troy reached the entrance of the East Hall, he stopped and closed his eyes, revealing a trace of exhaustion on his face. It wasn't until minutes later that he entered.

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