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   Chapter 2494 The Results

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Several figures rushed out from the enormous hole at the top of the Sunrest Tree.

The group was led by Tyrone, Ellis, and some others.

Because of Duke, they had all suffered major injuries.

But before Edmond appeared, they all scattered like roaches and managed to escape the debate venue by sheer luck.

Plop! Plop!

As soon as they fled from the hole, they landed on the surface of the Sunrest Tree, all of them panting with exhaustion.

"I thought I was going to die."

"Duke wanted to get himself killed. Fine, but he shouldn't have all of us die with him!"

"Hmph! I'm sure he's already turned to dust."

Now, Duke had replaced Zen as the man the top-rank True Gods hated the most.

After almost getting killed because of Duke, they managed to save their own lives, giving them a sense of narrow escape.

After taking a good rest at the edge of the hole, they flew towards the Heavenly Sword Divine City.

Soon after they left, Reinhard emerged from the hole with ten disciples of the Sword Clan behind him, the soybean-eyed guy and Enoch.

"We're back!"

After finally leaving the debate venue, the crowd wore huge smiles on their faces.

While the Sword Clan lost one of their members, they at least got to help Zen and Yan meet their goal. Their trip to the debate venue was a nearly perfect experience in hindsight.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

These people also shot toward the Heavenly Sword Divine City.

In the hall…

Marsh, Gibson, and Harold all looked quite relaxed.

They already knew the result, after all.

Although they weren't too sure what Zen and Yan would encounter with Lorena, they just assumed that she wouldn't do anything to harm her own children.


Both Troy and Rachelle looked pissed off.

"I heard that the Sword Clan has some kind of technique that allows you to see the situation within the Sunrest Tree. You should already know what happened in the debate venue," Rachelle pressed.

But Marsh only grinned and said, "I have no time to watch the younger generation's movements. They all have to rely on their own skills to succeed. The one who dared to play a trick has already met his

r how Reinhard survived, but they wanted to find out whether or not someone had obtained the debate's inheritance.

"Kill that fiend." Reinhard laughed.

Tyrone's expression suddenly changed at this news.

It brought a frown to Troy's face as well. "You killed the fiend? How? You're all merely top-rank True Gods."

Because the two Holy Beings of the Sword Clan were there, Reinhard wasn't the least bit afraid of Troy. He merely shrugged in response before leading the disciples of the Sword Clan up to the hall. As he walked, he said, "It wasn't us who killed the fiend, but he died indeed. Duke stirred up trouble and got himself killed. Believe it or not."

To this, the faces of Troy, Rachelle, Shahn, and Walton all grew dark.

It wasn't easy to tell if Reinhard was telling the truth or not. They could only exchange looks and read each other's eyes, assessing their worries.

Zen and his sister hadn't shown up yet, after all—the rest were hoping that the two would perish in the debate venue so that they wouldn't have to deal with the pair ever again.

But barely five minutes passed when…

Another two figures appeared at the door of the hall—they were none other than Zen and Yan.

After spending much time in the deep well, with Harper's help, they were covered in a layer of green liquid, allowing them to fly all the way up the Sunrest Tree. Because of this, they didn't lag too far behind Reinhard and the others.

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