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   Chapter 2492 Change Harper's Mind

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Tension filled the air.

"This is the aura of a real powerful warrior at the Other Shore Realm!" Zen declared as he stared blankly at Harper.

Known as a powerful master, Harper's gaze alone could push anyone into fear or even submission.

He raised his sword, laid it flat slowly, and then pointed its tip towards Zen.

"Leave the masters in the Source World aside first. Some of the masters who hide in the divine land are more powerful than me. Are you brave enough to resist them? Or are you brave enough to resist me?"

There was no time for responses as the aura of the Truth of Goodwill and Malice immediately covered Zen.

It was known that the aura of a True God was so strong that it made people feel that it was actually real.

Harper's aura, however, was truly real.

Zen appeared as if he was wrapped in a crystalline layer of water. The layer of water looked deceptively soft, but it was quite strong.

For a moment he seemed to fall into the winter, but in the next, it looked like he sank to the depths of the roaring flames.

It went on for a while, and the two sensations alternately tortured the life out of Zen.

In reality, his current situation was a test.

Based on Harper's facial expression, he could tell that he really did not want to hand over the Shadow Bearing Sword to him.

Even if Chiyou was his grandfather, Harper still refused to give him the sword--at least for now.

It was because there was something that Harper still wanted to verify.

As for Zen, he couldn't do anything but do his best to resist Harper's powerful aura even if it was almost killing him.

His face quickly became white as a sheet while his soul trembled constantly. Even his heart was shaking.

Lorena and Yan didn't look too good either, especially Yan.

"Mother, Zen is just a low-rank True God. His soul isn't weaker than mine, but he can't resist such an aura," Yan said anxiously.

Since she was under Lorena's protection, she didn't have to undergo such a thing.

Yet, Lorena just frowned and said nothing.

It was true that she could help Zen make those requests, but she knew that there were some difficulties that he had to face by himself.

If he couldn't even pass this small test, then there was no point for her to help him too muc

sed that Zen would have all the resources from Mike.

Meanwhile, a heavy feeling washed over Zen as he took the Shadow Bearing Sword in Harper's hand. The sword was about as heavy as the Great Weighty Sword.

A gentle smile spread across his face. He had experienced so many transformations in his life, but he didn't answer.

"Zen has experienced a lot," Yan muttered solemnly as she looked at her brother. She was the one who understood Zen's struggles in the past the most.

After Harold had taken her to the divine land and when she had learned the truth, she also felt that her father had gone too far.

It could be said that Mike had used all kinds of methods to push Zen to the edge of life and death and to squeeze every inch of his strength and courage.

Lorena learned from Yan that Mike had organized a relentless family, where Zen was tormented. "My husband was too cruel! How could he treat his son like that?" she lamented.

"Ha-ha, Mike is really heartless!" Harper chuckled and sighed. "Because of such training, Zen's will is stronger than anyone else's. He is not only stronger than the members of the wealthy clans in the divine land, I'm afraid that even I am inferior to Zen in some ways."

Truly, will had nothing to do with strength.

The reason Harper had been slacking was that his mood had changed. After he lost his confidence, he became hopeless, simply watched the divine land fall apart and did not offer to help.

Now, the confident young man in front of him changed his mind.

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