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   Chapter 2491 A Sudden Change

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In a palace of the Heavenly Sword Divine City, Rachelle was relentlessly pacing up and down the steps.

As someone who practiced the Murdering Godly Way and naturally had a killing intent in her heart, Rachelle often gave off a murderous aura.

However, after coming to the Sunrest Tree Region, she had been affected by the Truth of Goodwill; her killing intent wasn't able to gather while she was here.

She despised this feeling and it made her restless.

"Hey! Can you sit down?"

Shahn asked impatiently. He was starting to get annoyed after watching Rachelle walk around for such a long time.

They had sent the True Gods of their respective clans into the debate venue, but they had no way of knowing what was happening there right now.

They could only wait here for the result, so they were all anxious.

"I wonder whether Tyrone and the others have succeeded or not. I'm afraid it would still be too difficult to kill Zen," said Rachelle with a sigh, ignoring Shahn's words and continuing to pace up and down.

Walton sneered, "Although our warriors entering the debate venue have become smaller by half, they are still the top figures among the top-rank True Gods. Wouldn't it be a piece of cake for them to kill Zen, a low-rank True God?"

"Humph, that's so easy to say. It was not that we didn't have a chance to kill Zen in the Time Sea Forbidden Land. But who killed him? No one!" Rachelle said, staring at Walton. "How could you forget the humiliation you suffered within the jade seal so soon?"

Back when they were in the world inside the jade seal, the lives of so many consummate True Gods had been in Zen's hands.

Hearing what Rachelle said, Walton became silent.

Troy was sitting in a chair with two golden Buddha beads in his metal hand. The two beads were spinning in his hand, and each time they collided, they emitted a faint light.

Troy slowly said, "Don't worry. The two siblings of the Luo Clan will surely die in the debate venue."

A trace of doubt appeared on Rachelle's face. Troy had always been calm and collected. If he said that he was sure about something, then he must have a good reason. "How are you so sure?" she asked.

Shahn, Walton, and the consummate True Gods of the alliance of wealthy clans all looked at Troy.

"Because Duke will summon the most powerful incarnation of fear in the debate venue," Troy replied with a smile.

"The most powerful incarnation of fear? What is it?" Rachelle asked anxiousl

speaking, a unique aura spread out from the Sunrest Tree.

The calm expression on Troy's face was replaced by one of surprise and disbelief.


At this moment, Rachelle felt the invisible binds around her disappear; she was able to gather her killing intent again. "Has the Truth of Godly Way in the Non-combat Zone been removed?"

"No." Troy shook his head. "The Truth of Godly Way has been diverted. The Truth of Goodwill and Malice... The captain of the ship is making a move!"

"What...what does this mean?" Walton asked with a puzzled look.

Troy's face darkened. "If no one had succeeded in the debate venue, the captain wouldn't have made a move."

Troy knew no less about the debate venue than the Sword Clan. He knew that the debate venue was controlled by the Other Shore Realm warrior, but he didn't know how to succeed in the debate venue.

"You mean someone has gotten the inheritance of the debate venue? Is it one of our people?" Rachelle asked with concern.

Troy shook his head. "I'm not sure yet. We can only wait for them to come out."

Even Troy couldn't stand it anymore.

His goal was simple. He didn't want anyone to obtain the inheritance of the debate venue.

This result would have a great impact on the Dongfang Clan's next strategy to cope with the situation.

It had taken the Dongfang Clan a lot of effort to summon a fiend in the debate venue; there was no way things could have turned out this way.

That was why, so far, he had been absolutely confident that things would go according to the Dongfang Clan's plan. But now, things seemed to be developing in a direction beyond his control.

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