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   Chapter 2490 Dispute

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Noticing that Lorena took a fancy to his sword, Harper narrowed his eyes and held the ancient sword tighter in his arms.

"Mike already got the Soaring Snake Sword, and now you want to take my sword too? No way!" Harper yelled.

Lorena looked at him innocently. "I didn't say I wanted this sword."

Harper breathed a sigh of relief but what Lorena said next made him nervous again.

"However, the Shadow Bearing Sword is a perfect match with Truth of Goodwill and Malice. If you pass the Truth of Goodwill and Malice on to Zen and give this sword to him, it will be great."

"Bullshit! Don't even think about taking my sword!"

The mere thought of Lorena wanting his sword was enough to set him off.

Zen and Yan also looked at each other helplessly. They wouldn't be able to get a word in this conversation at all.

"Harper," said Lorena seriously. "Have you ever thought that we will return to the Source World one day?"

"Duh, of course I have," said Harper, rolling his eyes.

To ordinary people, the divine land was extremely large. It was an entire world.

There were many True Gods and most of them didn't care about anything outside the divine land. They only knew the divine land their whole lives.

They only knew its countless regions and divine cities.

But, Harper and Lorena were from the Source World.

They knew that the Source World was the center of the chaos and that the divine land was created by Chiyou. It could form an entire circulatory system as well as produce many inconceivable creatures. But so what? No matter how perfect the divine land was, it was just a ship.

Harper had dreamed of going back to the Source World.

He even regretted getting on the ship. He'd much rather die in the Source World than live in the divine land.

"Father said our hope would be born on this ship one day," said Lorena.

"Then the hope should be born into the Nine Li race. But every one of them was killed," Harper retorted.

All of the Nine Li people were descendants of Nine Li race's ni

aura changed drastically.

He was like a dead tree that suddenly bore healthy green shoots, the rotten air around his body disappearing.

As he slowly raised the Shadow Bearing Sword, the Sunrest Tree and the Truth of Goodwill and Malice in the debate venue also changed.

The whole Non-combat Zone also changed dramatically.

Concurrently in the Famous Sword Divine City, some top-rank True Gods raised their heads and looked in the direction of the Sunrest Tree in the west.

"What's going on? Why did the aura suddenly change?"

"What a strong will!"

"What happened in the Sword Clan?"

Many True Gods thought the Non-combat Zone was a Sword Clan's arrangement.

Even in the Sword Clan, only a very small number of people knew the truth about the debate venue.

Hayden stood on the top of the tower and looked at the huge Sunrest Tree in the distance. Doubt filled his eyes. This was not normal.


Marley was also flabbergasted. "The aura from the Non-combat Zone is no longer useful! And it could no longer suppress the malice in one's mind. What happened to the Sunrest Tree?"

He also thought the Non-combat Zone was formed by the Sunrest Tree.

In the countless divine eras, the Non-combat Zone had never failed to suppress the killing intent even for a second. But that wasn't the case now.

Something was wrong.

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