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   Chapter 2489 The Ancient Sword

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Reinhard, Enoch and the other True Gods nodded at Lorena's words.

Although they had gained nothing from the debate venue, they still survived.

Notably, Reinhard and the other ten disciples of the Sword Clan survived too. They initially thought they were doomed, but lucky for them, they were given a second chance.

What was important was that they had accomplished a very difficult task in this journey.

The members of the Sword Clan, including Reinhard, would certainly be rewarded and put in important positions someday.

"Well, I guess we're leaving now," Reinhard said as he cupped his hands towards Zen and Yan.

Zen nodded with a smile.

With that, Reinhard led the group and went deep into the mist.

After they left, Lorena stared at her son and daughter, her black hair twirling behind her.

As these strands of hair intertwined around Yan and Zen, the two of them were soon wrapped in Lorena's hair.

"I'll take you there."

As soon as Lorena's voice fell, Zen felt the hair wrap around his body in a strong, hugging motion.

And just like that, he was lifted from the ground and dragged into the air in a forward motion.

He noticed that Lorena's beautiful hair emitted a delicate fragrance.

The scent was very quite strange to Zen, but he felt a sense of intimacy, which calmed him down nonetheless.

Maybe this was just the manifestation of their connection in the bloodline.

In the Heavenly Sword Divine City, Harold, Gibson and Marsh all looked very pleased to see Lorena carry Zen and Yan away.

The area within the Eye of Perception was limited. After Lorena, Zen and Yan left, they couldn't track them down anymore.

"I didn't expect that the umbrella was inside the debate venue, not on the other side of the iron bridge. We were misled." Marsh let out a laugh.

Gibson nodded in response, saying, "Now that Zen has got the Sun-resisting Umbrella, shall we move onto our next step, Harold?"

When they explored the debate venue, their goal was to reach the very end of it. They wanted to cross the iron bridge, but they were never able to succeed.

With a brief "Hmm," Harold added, "Why don't we wait until Zen comes out?"

Although the three of them d

hook his head vigorously. By the sound of it, it seemed that the bones in his body were too old to withstand such sharp shake. There were very intense cracking sounds when he shook his head.

"Do you want to play dumb, Harper?" Lorena was not happy.

Noticing her expression, Harper said helplessly, "My inheritance is just that Sun-resisting Umbrella! Now that you've got the umbrella, you can leave now. I have a short cut. Do you need me to give you a ride?"

"Are you seriously unwilling to face up to the reality, Harper?" Lorena stared at Harper and asked.

After a long while of silence, Harper jolted up and said, "He has the Thousand Sanskrit Land. I'm so jealous! But even so, we still have a slim chance of winning."

"Old bastard! If you already lost all of your persistence and courage, then what's the use of cultivating your soul to such a state?" she spat in return, voice as cold as ice.

Zen and Yan felt rattled as they heard their mother calling names.

Giving Zen and Yan a meaningful look, Harper smiled bitterly. "I don't have many treasures with me. Just tell me what you want, Lorena!"

Lorena smiled, glad that he made a concession as she looked at something behind Harper.

There seemed to be a long bronze sword inserted there, tucked away very secretively.

This long sword had existed for countless years. Before this, it had been held in Harper's arms. After he had condensed his skin, he had inserted the sword behind his back.

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