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   Chapter 2488 The Sun-resisting Umbrella

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Compared to Zen's complex thoughts, Yan was much simpler.

Unlike the awkwardness between Zen and Lorena, Yan and Lorena were much more familiar with each other.

In fact, Zen still had some doubts about Yan.

He and Yan were siblings, and yet their blood powers were different. That made Zen confused.

Based on the uniquely shaped and powerful shadow that Yan had released, it seemed like his mother also possessed that.

This was very likely because of Yan's blood power.

Zen didn't press further.

He knew enough.

The three reached the foot of the cyan stone tablet.

Right behind the stone tablet was Enoch, who was hiding there. He hurriedly scurried away from Lorena with terror written on his face.

Lorena walked to the cyan stone tablet and gently stroked it for a moment.


The Sanskrit words carved on the cyan stone tablet faintly began to flicker with color.


The stone tablet began to violently tremble.

"Because my father didn't come here, there isn't actually a controller in the divine land," Lorena said.

Chiyou created this world and made it a ship that would go far in the chaos. He didn't come with the ship himself because he stayed in the Source World to lead the clansmen's fight against their enemies.

Even though it was called a ship, it wasn't an accurate description. After all, the divine land was a big world.

In order to give the Nine Li people better opportunities to cultivate, Chiyou mustered all his cultivation into the divine land.

Because there weren't enough warriors to manage the divine land, he left several blank slates.

The slates were all blank in the beginning.

Using divine might coins, the Nine Li people could write rules on the slates.

In fact, it was exercising one's right of control.

The entire divine land would have been controlled by the Nine Li race, who began calling themselves the Sacred race, if it weren't for the Yellow Emperor Guards.

There would be no divine citizens or wealthy

ect you from being burned by the fire of the sun," Lorena explained.

"This light shield can resist the fire of the sun?" Zen was shocked.

There was a great sun hanging in the divine land.

The sun rose from the Ray Tree in the east and disappeared to the edge of the Sunrest Tree Region in the west.

No matter how many divine eras had passed, there had never been an exception.

The power of the sun could burn everything, and even the Holy Beings never got too close.

Zen didn't expect that the paper umbrella could withstand its power.

"This umbrella can take you into the sun. In the Heavenly Wheel Hall, you would be the new captain of the divine land who can change the direction of this ship," she said.

"Enter the sun?" Zen's eyes narrowed.

"My brother's going to be roasted!" Yan said with a laugh.

Lorena had a general idea of what Zen was thinking. "Even if you practiced the Grand Weapon Refining Method and forged your body to be able to resist fire, you still won't be able to take the heat. However, you'll be safe as long as you take this umbrella. You can treat the umbrella as a key to open the door in the sun. But before that, I'll take you to meet Harper."

She turned her head and glanced at the others. Her voice was cold when she spoke. "You may leave. I will send Zen and Yan back later."

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