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   Chapter 2487 Resolution

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As Lorena spoke about the grudges from the last generation, all sorts of feelings welled up in Zen's mind.

If only the Holy Beings could work together and kill the Yellow Emperor Guards, then perhaps everything would be just fine.

No one could have expected Lorena to make an already bad situation worse, though.

It was no wonder people always attributed the fall of a country to Helen of Troy.

That said, it wasn't Lorena's fault.

After all, Nicholas' ambition wasn't only to target Lorena. What was more, he had no desire of being trapped in the divine land.

"Where is the Yellow Emperor Guard released by Nicholas?" Zen asked again, more adamantly this time.

Either a Nine Li Guard or a Yellow Emperor Guard should be an Other Shore Realm warrior and more so, they had to be of Harper's rank.

It just didn't make sense that such a powerful warrior had never appeared in the divine land before.

With Nicholas' personality and such a powerful support, he might have already destroyed the Sword Clan and the Moon Clan, and unified the divine land. How could he even tolerate the existence of these independent wealthy clans?

"He's hiding in the dark," said Lorena, her eyes revealing a sudden, deep light. "I hid in the depths of the ground to avoid being chased by the Yellow Emperor Guard. That time, he also sneaked into the ground to hunt me down. However, I beat him back instead."

"Mother, is your strength really equivalent to that of the Yellow Emperor Guard?" A strange expression could now be seen on Zen's face.

The strength that Lorena displayed was extremely powerful. So much so, that it could kill a fiend like Edmond—that wasn't to be denied.

That said however, there should still be a considerable gap in strength between her and the Yellow Emperor Guard.

"I defeated him with the help of the Spiritual Darknesses and the Malicious Monsters around me. Moreover, among all the Yellow Emperor Guards, a few of them were very powerful, but certain others were considerably weak. The guard released by Nicholas was the weakest one among them, actually," she explained.

"So, that's how it is, huh?" Zen finally understood what was going on.

The monsters hiding in the stones under the ground were indeed very powerful, enough to protect his mother.

"The Yellow Emperor Guard might have no way of dealing with you

quickly and held his face in her hands. "Although my father told me that the hopes of the Nine Li race were in this ship before we fled from the Source World, I knew very well that we didn't have any way out without the support of the Source World.

And that's what I've always thought before meeting you, Zen. Now, the only hope that could support my life is to see your father again!

Also, I finally understand what my father meant.

He was right. I did see hope.

And that hope was you, Zen! It is you!"

His mother was talking loudly, in a trembling voice. Obviously, she was very excited.

It was in that exact moment that things began to change.

Zen's mood also took a subtle turn.

A blazing flame suddenly ignited in his heart, burning all the pressure out.

For this woman, for his mother, he was more willing than ever to move forward.

Staring at her with his firm eyes, Zen replied, "Mother, trust me, I won't let you down."

She nodded confidently, with a serene smile plastered on her face.

It was then that a voice rang out expectantly. "Mother, I won't let you down either!"

Yan had come to herself, out of nowhere.

"Yan, were you eavesdropping this entire time?" Zen pursed his lips helplessly as he waited an answer.

Their mother smiled, "I knew she'd woken up."

Yan made a silly face and turned around in order to hold her mother in her arms tightly.

The two of them didn't look like mother and daughter at all. They looked so much alike, in fact, that they could be mistaken for twins, only with opposite temperaments.

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