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   Chapter 2486 The Past

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The war that had taken place that year had been brutal.

But what hurt Lorena the most was watching the members of her race turn into blood before her very eyes.

And all this was because they shared the same bloodline!

At the time, she had shouted at the Yellow Emperor Guard who had unleashed the Blood Splitting Technique with all her strength and screamed questions at him, asking him why so many innocent Nine Li people had been involved.

The Guard had given her a very realistic answer.

"You're guilty if you have Chiyou's bloodline."

She had been ignorant at the time, but she later realized that one was guilty if they were weak. Not if they had Chiyou's bloodline.

In that war, almost all Nine Li people were killed.

The Nine Li Guard, who had guarded this ship, had also paid a heavy price.

Only thanks to Harper's protection had Lorena been saved.

The Yellow Emperor Guards, who had chased after the Nine Li race, had had an absolute advantage in strength.

But the remaining Nine Li people relied on the divine land and blocked the pursuit of the Yellow Emperor Guards.

She then came to know Mike, who had been very young at the time.

Mike was not from the Source World, but a divine citizen born in the divine land.

She had never seen such a confident man, nor had she seen such talent.

Maybe because she had seen countless people of her race turned into blood, she had a natural adoration of the strong. It was also at that time that she fell in love with Mike.

When Zen's father, Mike, knew that she was from the Sacred race and legends of the Nine Li people, he became very interested in her.

Lorena continued to narrate, Zen listening attentively.

"Since you have already blocked the chase of the Yellow Emperor Guards, why are you still hiding?" Zen asked curiously.

The Nine Li race in the divine land had suffered a heavy blow.

Even so, the strong masters of the Nine Li race survivors had an absolute ruling power in the divine land.

There was no need for these Holy Beings to rule the divine land.

"Those Yellow Emperor Guards are still alive. Harper activated the Mixed Element Seal in the divine land," Lorena said, laughing a cold laugh that sent chills down Zen's spine. "But this battle has never stopped. It lasted until today. Your father wanted to help me and the Nine Li race. He was a man of great self-confidence. At the time, he was always in the limelight and held favor in the Hall of Holy Being

e women were no matter.

If he wanted, a Holy Being could have thirty thousand or three hundred thousand women, akin to an emperor's imperial harem.

So it was hard to imagine two Holy Beings fighting over a woman.

Nicholas had been attracted to Lorena the moment she had appeared.

Especially because Lorena was unique in the divine land.

Zen had never thought that his mother had been the cause of the dispute between his father and Nicholas.

At the time, Nicholas hadn't spoken his mind. He had just watched coldly as Lorena and Mike became a couple.

They had been about to join hands to destroy the sealed Yellow Emperor Guards when Nicholas turned on Mike and attacked him. Not only had he hurt Mike, he even opened one of the seals and released a Yellow Emperor Guard.

Because of this, Lorena had gotten hurt and lost her physical body.

And now, she could only use the Spiritual Darkness to replace her body.

"So basically, Nicholas betrayed you and then sided with the Yellow Emperor Guards, right?" Zen confirmed, his eyebrows knitting. "But Mother, you said that the goal of the Yellow Emperor Guards was to kill all the Nine Li people and destroy the divine land. Was this a disadvantage to Nicholas as well?"

"What if the Yellow Emperor Guards gave him great benefits? He could have climbed to higher levels after sacrificing the divine land. Gone to the Source World even? He has been mad," Lorena said lightly.

But there was one more important thing that she was not telling her son. Once the divine land crashed, she would not be able to hide underground.

And then, Nicholas could find her without difficulty.

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