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   Chapter 2485 Bloodline

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"The Thousand Sanskrit Land?"

Zen was stunned, realizing that he had asked the right person the right question.

Even Bromley and Mike hadn't been able to answer this question. They had, after all, worked out the Primal Chaos Technique by themselves, but hadn't known how far it would go.

Lorena nodded and stared at her son as if he was some strange creature.

"They stumbled across the right way pretty unexpectedly.

I used to think that all hope was lost. Maybe this is a turn for the better.

This is the will of the Chaos Ancient God! The Chaos Ancient God is helping us!" Lorena exclaimed excitedly.

Lorena had been pleasant before, but now she seemed so happy that she had completely immersed herself in her thoughts.

Seeing that his mother had zoned out, Zen waved his hands in front of her, trying to bring her back to the present.

At this, Lorena came back to her senses. She was embarrassed to have lost her manner before Zen.

"Mother, what happened? What is the Thousand Sanskrit Land?" Zen asked curiously.

Once Lorena had calmed down, she said, "Zen, do you know what the divine land is?"

"A ship?" Zen replied, his answer a question.

Lorena nodded and said, "It looks like Harold has told you that. The divine land is a big world, but it's also a ship. Do you know the purpose of this ship?"

Zen had no idea.

He only knew that the ship was constantly falling.

According to Holy Jay's explanation, the divine land would finally crash.

And with the crash of such a huge world, perhaps all the creatures in the divine land were destined to die.

After all, nobody else except the Holy Beings could resist the chaotic energy that swarmed into the divine land.

"I don't know," Zen said, shaking his head.

Lorena sighed and explained, "The divine land used to be a ship that embodied the hope of the Nine Li people. It's a ship that was used to flee."

"Flee?" Zen's eyes narrowed.

"Yes." Lorena nodded. "The Nine Li race was a big race that enjoyed a long history in the Source World, but was defeated by the Yellow Emperor. Countless people were slaughtered. In order to continue our race, in our desperation, we had to create the divine land and enter the endless chaos."

Lorena's face reflected the grief and indignation she felt at the mention of these things.

The Nine Li race was prosperous, with nine tribes and one hundred tho

though the Nine Li people were very strong, there were still quite a number of weaklings among the tribes. Some people were still young, and their strength was similar to that of the divine citizens in the divine land. The head of our race had left three thousand Godly Ways on the ship of hope. We had to pass them on."

Zen's brow cleared as he felt enlightened by his mother's explanation.

It turned out that the three thousand Godly Ways had all been created by the head of the Nine Li people.

"Then why did the Sacred race disappear?" Zen asked.

"Because of the pursuing troops," Lorena replied. "The Yellow Emperor had to kill us to spare himself the trouble that was bound to emerge later. He couldn't allow the tribe with the purest bloodline of the Nine Li race to escape. He had sent Yellow Emperor Guards to chase after us. Even though we tried our best to resist, one of the Yellow Emperor Guards managed to use the Blood Splitting Technique."

Lorena seemed to travel back to the ancient times through her thoughts.

"The Blood Splitting Technique is extremely vicious. It's a way of killing everyone within a radius. With just a few drops of blood of just one of us, he could kill all our people within a certain range. He did his best and used the Blood Splitting Technique, and turned all our people in the divine land into blood foams, causing them to explode.

That's why later generations of the divine land think that the Sacred race disappeared overnight. It was because they all had died!"

Lorena looked sad. Zen's question had drawn her into a painful memory.

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