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   Chapter 2484 Responsibility

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"I have never heard that 'Nine Li people' has such a meaning," Zen muttered, his eyes glinting slyly.

She nodded and said, "And my name is Lorena."

One would not call each other XX Li among the Nine Li people.

But in the divine land, people who knew her name still called her Lorena Li.

"Lorena?" Zen was stunned before he recovered enough to say, "Isn't there a river in the divine land called Lorena River?"

Zen didn't understand the divine land fully, but he had obtained a set of the Seven Sanskrit Words of Lorena River in the Famous Sword Divine City. He knew that the Lorena River was an ancient river in the divine land, and also the longest.

Lorena smiled, "Because that river was named after me."

"The river was named after Mother!" Zen was speechless.

Lorena's face softened at Zen's expression. "Zen, do you have anything else you want to ask me?"

"Yes!" Zen said, his tone suddenly serious.

Even now, a lot of things were still a mystery to Zen.

He wanted to know everything.

"Why did you hide underground, Mother?" Zen asked.

Lorena stared off into the distance, a sudden gloom crossing her. "To avoid someone, of course," she said.

"You mean the Holy Beings of the alliance? Nicholas?" Zen asked, frowning.

Lorena smiled as she answered him. "Nicholas is half of the reason. As for the other Holy Beings, they are nothing."

"Really? Nicholas is only half of the reason?" Zen said, shocked yet again.

But when he thought about it, he remembered that his mother, in her current state, had been able to kill Edmond, who was as strong as a Demi-Holy Being, pretty easily.

The Holy Beings might actually mean nothing to his mother.

"Since the divine land was created, I've only ever considered two people to be geniuses. One was your father, and the other, was Nicholas," Lorena said, smiling at Zen. "Both of them can effortlessly reach the Other Shore Realm using their abilities. In the past, Nicholas could cross the Sea of Truth and he should, by now, have one foot on the Other Shore Realm."

Zen's eyes fla


Zen nodded, "Yes. Because of the Primal Chaos Technique given by my master, my inner world..."

"Primal Chaos Technique?! They really dare!" Lorena said angrily, her voice rising with each word.

Even Reinhard and the others, who were thousands of feet away behind them, heard her and looked at her strangely.

"What's wrong?" Zen looked curiously at his mother, unable to understand the reason behind her vehement reaction.

"And you created the inner world, absorbed the Spiritual Darkness, and successfully condensed the Godly Tile?!" Lorena said excitedly.

"Yes," Zen nodded again.

"How many Sanskrit words have you formed in your inner world?" Lorena persisted in her questions.

"1080 golden Sanskrit words," replied Zen.


Lorena stared at Zen, shocked. "Bromley was so crazy that he dared give you the Primal Chaos Technique! You also dared cultivate it, and you have mastered it!"

Zen pursed his lips and said, "It is truly painful to cultivate this."

He had once been tortured so much that he could not help feeling pain dart through him at the thought of it.

"The Primal Chaos Technique that Bromley created is actually a special method that had never appeared before. I didn't expect it to really work. What's more, it's the Thousand Sanskrit Land! Did your father even think of that?" Lorena wondered, still looking confused.

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