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   Chapter 2483 Nine Li People

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If it weren't for Duke, they never would have been put in such a difficult position. So they did not hesitate at all.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Everyone stabbed Duke's body with the Calamity Swords one after another.

The swordsmanship of the disciples from the Sword Clan was brilliant. The Calamity Swords had pierced through Duke's body, but they had avoided his vital parts, and he did not even bleed much.

Duke had also tried his best to retaliate during this period of time.

The only way he could resist this attack was to self-destruct. But just as the idea popped into his head, the woman with long hair discovered his intention.

He felt a slight pain in his belly, and a thin hair penetrated through his cinnabar field. Instantly Duke lost contact with his cinnabar field and was unable to end his own life.

The eleven Calamity Swords had pierced Duke's body, making him look like a hedgehog.

He couldn't understand what these people wanted to do and had given up resistance despairingly.

That was when the long haired woman waved her hands gently and cast a spell, from which a strange aura burst out.

"This aura..." Zen's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

He had felt the same aura when he faced the Luck-devouring Snake Tribulation.

Zen's faith in destiny was steadfast at the very beginning.

However, Rocher's words made him doubt the destiny later.

When he found out that everything was his father's arrangement, he rejected the destiny. It turned out that his life was pre-arranged by his father.

"The so-called misfortune is just a special energy, right? Or is it that the three crises and three calamities are actually a counterattack from the Calamity Swords?" Zen couldn't help but ask.

Unexpectedly, she shook her head and said, "No, this is the punishment of the previous luck."

"Does luck really exist?" he asked.

The spell in the long haired woman's hand was constantly changing. The aura gushed into the eleven swords, which was going to divert the three crises and three calamities to Duke.

At the same time, she answered Zen's question in seriousness, "Of course, it exists! This is an authority in the divine land."

"Really? This is an authority?" Zen was stunned.

The long haired woman gazed at her son with ten

ft Duke alone.

"How come they let me off so easily?"

Duke stared dumbly at the group of people walking away. He still could not believe his eyes.

After they left, Duke felt that something was amiss. It seemed that an invisible ghost was approaching.


Soon Zen and the others heard Duke's gut-wrenching shrieks echoing in the distance.

So awful were the screams that even at a distance, it was terrifying.

Hearing the cry, Zen, Reinhard and Solomon turned around and saw a cloud of black smoke enveloping Duke.

No one could fathom what kind of torture he might have suffered in that vicious black smoke.

Zen showed no mercy towards Duke because he had almost killed him and Yan.

As he walked by his mother's side, he suddenly thought of a weird question. He turned to her and asked, "Mother, I don't know your name yet."

It was indeed strange that he didn't even know his mother's name.

"My surname is Li..." She shook her head and smiled wryly, "Actually, Li is not a surname. Have you heard of the phrase 'Nine Li people'?"

"Of course I've heard of it," he replied.

In the universe, they referred to those mortals as Nine Li people.

In the divine land, Nine Li people meant divine citizens.

"In fact, the Nine Li people has been collectively used to describe people in the world, without anyone bothering to investigate the real meaning behind it. It is a race in the wider world outside the divine land. And I am a member of the Nine Li people," she said softly to Zen.

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