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   Chapter 2481 Precious Memory

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Reinhard and the other True Gods were so far away from the woman that they didn't hear her.

Edmond had used spatial transference to dodge the sword strike from the Soaring Sky Sword Array. Reinhard then manipulated the sword array to fly back towards him again.

When he was midair, he spotted the woman with long hair.

"Another incarnation of fear!"

"The aura that this woman is giving off is more terrifying than that of the fiend!"

"I'm doomed!"

The disciples of the Sword Clan, including Reinhard, were ashen-faced.

The huge sword shadow also came to a halt. It looked like they had nothing to do but wait for death.

But what happened next was beyond their wildest expectations.

They didn't know what the long-haired woman had said to Zen, but she floated towards Edmond and before anyone could react, smashed his body into smithereens.

"What is going on?!"

Reinhard was dumbfounded. So were the disciples of the Sword Clan.

The long-haired woman had actually cut Edmond into pieces!

This sudden change was hard for them to accept. A powerful fiend as Edmond had amounted to nothing, just as fragile as a piece of paper before this woman.


Edmond had only been able to utter one word before he was killed, a trace of panic appearing on his huge face.


His mountain-like body was cut open, and his body began to collapse.

His flesh and bones began to fall and disintegrate.

His corrosive blood spurted in all directions like a fountain.

Zen retreated quickly with Yan in his arms, avoiding the rain of flesh and blood.

Duke was also confused.

But he managed to escape, given that he still had the desire to survive deep in his heart.

The long-haired woman floated in the air, letting the rain of blood and flesh fall around her. But not a single drop of blood splashed on her.

At this scene, Atlas, who was hiding in the distance, began to shiver.

This woman was so much more powerful than he was!

The only thing he could now do was run away.

With a crack, he turned into a flash of

perimenting with the previous grand eras in the Evolutionary Universe. And when this grand era had arrived, the two hopeful seeds of Zen and Yan were finally nurtured and began to grow healthily.

The long-haired woman shook her head. "It seems that your father's arrangements are not necessarily correct. It's because you're lucky. If I hadn't become your incarnation of fear and landed in the debate venue, I'm afraid you and Yan would have been killed."

She looked like a decisive woman, one who knew what she was talking about.

She couldn't bear to put Zen and Yan in such dangerous situations. Going by her words, she seemed to be dissatisfied with Mike's and Harold's arrangements.

With Zen, she was like an ordinary mother who had been wronged.

She behaved strangely with Zen, but he still felt a sense of familiarity from the bottom of his heart when he heard her voice.

"It's been a long time, but it has also passed so fast! You arrived in the divine land in the blink of an eye, and are already strong enough to be on your own," she said, relieved. And then, she raised a finger. "I don't want to forget what happened here. You have to help me keep this memory. Return it to me when you see me again."

A gentle light burst out of her fingertip. It continued to condense and formed a small cocoon of light that hit Zen squarely between his eyebrows.

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