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   Chapter 2480 Mother

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Up to a moment ago, everything had been quiet, shrouded in a silence as thick as the mist itself. The voice that had, so suddenly, come from the fog rang loud and clear, cutting through the stillness.

Zen, Duke and Edmond

all turned towards the source of the voice.

"The long-haired woman!"

Edmond's face darkened immediately.

He had encountered this mysterious woman after he had suddenly appeared here, seemingly at random.

He was wise enough to know the type of people he couldn't afford to provoke, and this woman was undoubtedly one of them.

The last time they had met, she had broken his arm, and then left without a word. They had never met again since then.

Edmond even suspected that she possessed the knowledge of how one could exit in this strange world.

But not for a moment had he thought that she would appear here once again.

Duke, too, was stunned when he heard the woman's voice.

"What the hell does she mean by 'son'?"

As his eyes examined the woman's face, realization dawned on him.

"They look exactly the same!"

The woman's hair, which was over a thousand feet long, trailed on the ground as she walked slowly in their direction. She had a mesmerizing aura, and was stunningly beautiful.

And yet, one detail about her appearance was deeply disturbing.

She looked exactly like Yan!

Her son. The brother and sister...

A possibility suddenly occurred to Duke. "Is this woman Yan and Zen's mother?"

How could she be here, of all places? How could such a coincidence be possible?

Duke felt that he was crazy enough to have agreed to the plan arranged by his clan. Now, however, he understood that plan was ridiculous, because this world was even more bizarre than he had ever expected.

Harold had nearly given up on the hope that someone would come and help Zen.

Although Zen's performance had, so far, exceeded his expectations again and again, he believed that Zen had finally met his match in Edmond, and was doomed to die.

This was a desperate situation, and the results were not difficult to predict, especially for an intelligent, experienced man like Harold.

His master had entrusted the protection of Yan and Zen to him, but he had failed to save them from this tragic situation. His heart sunk in his chest with great shame and defeat.

Although he had tried his best to restrain himself, his face could not help but show his inner turmoil.

He had been standing there for a while, wallowing in guilt and self-pity, when suddenly, he caught a glimpse of the long-haired woman through the Eye of Perception. Immediately, he emerged from his trance, trembling from shock.



Zen's heart skipped a beat. He wanted to believe the woman. He wanted to believe that there was a chance for Yan, whose life force was weakening with every passing moment.

"The shadow of Snake Goddess? You mean the purple shadow?" Zen asked, desperation in his voice. He didn't have long to make a decision.

The woman nodded. "Yes," she whispered.

Zen knew what he had to do. If he wanted to save Yan, he had to act fast. This was his last chance, risky as it was.

The powerful fiend was still there, hiding in the mist. Did this woman plan to save Yan right here?

"But that guy is still here..." Zen said.

The woman, however, did not seem to think much of Edmond. She treated him with complete indifference, as if he were a piece of dirt on her shoe, not a mountain-sized fiend.

Upon hearing her alleged son's words, she frowned, but then smiled soon after. "You are right. Wasn't it because of this guy that Yan had to use the shadow of Snake Goddess? Then..."


Her extremely long hair suddenly lit up with a hellish red light. Then, each hair on her head suddenly turned sharp and malleable as a fencing sword. With the mass of knife-like hair circling her head like a cobra's hood, she charged towards Edmond.

"Woman, you..."

Edmond's eyes widened in fear. He desperately tried to use the spatial transference, but it was to no avail. It was already too late.

Her hair, already a thousand feet long, now started elongating infinitely, and wrapped itself around Edmond, who stood tens of thousands of feet tall.

A loud ripping noise tore through the foggy air.

Her hair, now a thousand knives, tightened around Edmond, and began cutting into his flesh.

It was not long before he was completely shredded into pieces.

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