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   Chapter 2479 A Nobler Being

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Edmond was all charged up and determined to catch Zen all by himself.

The scene resembled some human trying to catch a fly with his bare hands.

What had started as a playful confrontation, had now turned into a frustrating conflict. Immediately, within ten thousand feet, the area was engulfed by infinite blood red lightning.

When Atlas in the distance saw the scene unravel, he could not help but shiver. "That guy is a rare talent in the divine land. I'm afraid that he will face his end soon."


Yan screamed.

Edmond attacked so fast that Yan didn't have any time to react.

Her eyes were wide open as she looked at the circle of red lightning. She was smoldering with anger.

With the whistling of the wind, her body suddenly flew in the air, and the huge shadow of Snake Goddess followed her.

They dashed towards Edmond regardless of the consequences.


Seeing that Yan and the shadow were rushing towards him, Edmond waved his huge hand.

He threw a punch in the air that transformed into a huge fist shadow.

Now the fight erupted between the fist and the shadow of Snake Goddess.


The shadow of Snake Goddess endured the blow, and its surface began to glow brightly.

Yan was still finding it difficult to control the shadow of Snake Goddess, although it was only in its primary form.

As Harold had said earlier, even though the power of the shadow of Snake Goddess was extraordinary, it did not really belong to the divine land.

However, no matter how extraordinary it was, the shadow of Snake Goddess that Yan controlled was equivalent to an infant. It was not strong enough to beat a fiend.

The light on the surface of the shadow of Snake Goddess flickered for a while and then started to fade. Suddenly, purple light started gathering to Yan's chest.

The purple light in her eyes began to flicker rapidly and she looked very painful. Suddenly her body fell down from midair.

And the counterattack had already begun.

Unreconciled, Yan looked at the sea of red lightning and said in a low tone, "Zen, I'm sorry that I failed to protect you."


o fight with a fiend who was as strong as a Demi-holy Being.

He had two Promises of Absolute Beginning left. But Yan was unable to resist the blood red lightning. Was this their end?

"Zen," Yan called out, her lips bloodless. She braced herself up and reached out to stroke Zen's face. "You've tried your best. Don't struggle anymore."

"Don't be silly!" Zen was furiously thinking of a way as he kept retreating.

Unlike Yan, he had earlier experienced similar situations. And never had he given up on any kind of situation before.

"Yan is right." Duke's voice came faintly from behind Zen. "Your struggle is meaningless. To meet death is your final destination!"

Having known that he could not escape death, Duke followed Zen fearlessly.

Zen glanced at him indifferently and sneered, "You are like a maggot yourself. Do you think that everyone in the world is like you?"

Hearing Zen's words, Edmond smiled and said, "Your so-called Gods are similar to maggots in my eyes!"

"Did you hear that?" Duke mocked. "Who do you think you are? Why do you pretend to be nobler than me? Haha..."

The wild laughter was very harsh, and Zen's face was ashen.

Duke continued to laugh, looking at Zen's predicament.

Suddenly, a soft female voice could be heard from the thick mist.

"Why? Because he is my son"

As soon as these words were spoken, a slender figure slowly walked out of the mist.

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