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   Chapter 2478 Got Serious

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Zen stood not far away, holding his light green sword with an expressionless look on his face. He panted, staring at Edmond.

The long sword he held was just an ordinary supreme primordial weapon and could not bear the energy of the Ways-blending Strike.

As soon as he brandished the sword light, the entire blade became riddled with holes.

When Yan and the Sword Clan's disciples attacked Edmond, the lightning cage that trapped Zen disappeared.

However, he couldn't use the Ways-blending Strike continuously.

He had already launched two strikes in a row against Atlas earlier, in order to save Yan.

Both his body and Godly Tile had been pushed to the limit.

The few hours of rest he got was far from enough for him to recover.

His legs trembled in exhaustion.

He was very much like the damaged sword he wielded.

The energy he exerted after merging the Godly Ways was too powerful and could destroy all his meridians even if he merged it with the Truth of Godly Way.

"It's this strike. It's this strike..."

Atlas hid far away and only looked at him from a distance.

He had already learned his lesson from Zen's strike.

Before, Atlas did not offer Edmond a hand because this strike had great influence on him. Moreover, he yielded to Edmond because he wasn't powerful enough.

If this group of top-rank True Gods managed to miraculously kill Edmond then Atlas was willing to sit on the sidelines and wait for a chance to benefit from it.

As a result, he tried his best to stay away.

"This strike..."

Duke had a stunned expression on his face.

As the anonymous man, Zen's achievements in the Arena of Legends were truly amazing.

His record of consecutive wins earned him quite the stellar reputation.

A talent like him was rare even in the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands. Nobody could compare to Zen when it came to his achievement, not even the Holy Beings.

However, it was still going to be impossible for him to unleash such a terrifying sword strike.

It wasn't reasonable.

The strike just now was powerful en

the complexities of merging Godly Ways. He simply widened his eyes and used his perception to watch everything in the debate venue. Energy continuously flowed in one of his hands as he calculated the possibilities.

Edmond was suffering and was also one arm less because of Zen.

Yan also showed great strength and the eleven disciples of Sword Clan could still be considered strong, however, the chance of winning against the enemy remained at zero.

With his arm cut off, Edmond became silent.

He grabbed his arm and docked it back to his shoulder. Countless flesh burst out from the wound and regenerated around the site.

Countless red lightning also poured out from his body and wrapped around him.

Edmond had a really bad temper but he had no energy to rage right now.

He was silent and calm.

There was no way he could regard this group as mere ants. It was time he treated them as serious opponents.

Fizz! Fizz!

Countless red lightning leaked out from his skin.

He then took a step forward.

The next second, he suddenly vanished.


Before he had a chance to react, Edmond already appeared above Zen.

The fiend was wrapped in infinite red lightning and Zen felt as if the area around him was enveloped by an unattainable mountain.


Edmond's eyes exuded a surging killing intent.

He should've ended this boring game earlier.

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