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   Chapter 2477 Sword Light

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The fiends in the Abyss Demon Region absorbed countless evil intentions which made their bodies extremely powerful.

A fiend was the evilest yet most perfect creature ever imagined.

Countless divine eras had strengthened these creatures and refined their bones, blood, and flesh.

Through the power of imagination, they became evil and extremely powerful creatures.

The fiend race represented fear and annihilation. The Faith Energy in the divine land did not turn into momentum but constantly gathered in the forbidden areas.

It was in the Abyss Demon Region that all negative Faith Energy gathered.

However, such a powerful fiend was unable to resist the shadow summoned by a top-rank True God.

Trapped in the blood-red lightning, Zen could only gaze wide-eyed at the scene in front of him.

It was only then that he understood what Yan said when they encountered Atlas. She told him that if she was careful enough, then there would be no need for her to fear a consummate True God.

If Atlas hadn't come out of nowhere, Yan would've dealt with him swiftly.

Furious at the scene, Reinhard and the Sword Clan members all drew their Calamity Swords.

However, eleven people with Calamity Swords were still no match for Edmond.

It was clear for Reinhard and the others that they were only courting death.

Under such circumstances, however, they did not really have a choice.

Just before they attacked though, Yan had gone ahead and shocked all of them.

Reinhard was wild with joy.

He didn't know just what kind of method Yan used, but perhaps it was possible for her to forge a miracle and kill this fiend.

Yan had effectively given hope to these Sword Clan disciples.

"Soul Killing Sword Strike! Kill him!"

Reinhard yelled.

He stood at the helm with the other Sword Clan disciples behind him, lined up in two rows with their Calamity Swords drawn.

Each disciple had a resolute expression on their faces.

Streaks of crimson light connected them.

In order to fight against

he attack.

However, the punch wasn't enough to destroy the array, so Edmond raised his fist once again.

One more punch and the Soaring Sky Sword Array would certainly be torn into pieces; those who formed it would die instantly.

This scene gave Duke hope.

It seemed he hadn't failed just yet.

"Yes! This is the power of a fiend. Show them more of your power!" Duke laughed.

At that moment, Marsh and Gibson in the Heavenly Sword Divine City closed their eyes at the same time.

The twelve disciples of the Sword Clan, including Reinhard, were all selected carefully, As a top-rank True God, Reinhard was granted the surname "Sword" and was an outstanding figure in his clan.

Only a consummate True God was qualified to bear such a surname.

The two Holy Beings knew their disciples would die after using their Calamity Swords, and they couldn't bear to see such a scene.

Just as Edmond's punch was about to land on the sword array, a majestic aura suddenly rose!

An incomparable blazing sword light shot out from where it rose.

This sword light seemed to have the capacity to cut through both heaven and earth. Nothing in the vast divine land could resist it.


A faint wind blew.

Edmond suddenly felt his right shoulder become lighter.


His huge right arm was cut off and hit the ground hard.

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