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   Chapter 2476 Shadow Of Snake Goddess

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The purple shadow rapidly extended after fully enveloping Yan.

Now restrained, Yan put her hands over her chest and recited something softly.

The shadow continued expanding.

A hundred feet, a thousand feet, ten thousand feet…

In the blink of an eye, the shadow turned into a colossal creature.

While it had the slender figure of a woman, the ends of its arms had no hands but instead, two slender whips.

Its head was akin to an eagle's with a sharp, beak-like mouth.

And Yan was completely embedded right in the middle of it all.

"What...what is this?"

Enoch was completely dumbfounded at the sight of the huge monster.

Never had he heard of such a thing in the divine land.

After Yan entered the Everest Spirit Mountain, Harold had told her that there was a powerful monster hidden in her heart.

He said that it would make her slowly lose her mind, devour her own soul, and eventually, completely replace her.

Until now, Yan had no clue what he was talking about.

As she heard of it, she never realized what its existence meant.

Harold said that it was a sort of talent and ability of her race.

Everyone from this race had to face the monster within from the moment they were born.

If one could control the monster, they would have far more powerful abilities than the other race members. If not, then one would simply die young.

When Yan was in the Lower World, she had never discovered the monster herself.

She hardly even believed what Harold told her.

It wasn't until Harold woke up the monster in Yan's heart that she discovered its existence and understood her own uniqueness.

She wasn't primarily concerned for herself, but for her brother.

Harold revealed to her that while they shared the same parents, they belonged to two different races.

As a result, Zen didn't carry such a monster in his heart.

Under Harold's guidance, Yan continued fighting off the monster.

There was a time when she had been in an unfavorable situation, and it was with Harold's help that she managed to survive it.

But while Yan currently had the upper hand, she still found it difficult to control the monster. If she released the monster in her heart rashly, it was likely to make a sudden counterattack.


uld send their disciples into the Abyss Demon Region every once in a while.

But never did they expect to encounter Edmond on the very first stage.

For the disciples of the alliance of the wealthy clans, Edmond's arrival was a complete nightmare.

In less than half a minute, he had killed over 500 True Gods, including 76 top-rank True Gods and 470 mid-rank True Gods.

Because of Edmond's appearance, the wealthy clans were more cautious about training in the Abyss Demon Region. The large-scale training must absolutely be accompanied by consummate True Gods and Demi-holy Beings.

In Edmond's eyes, these True Gods were simply too weak to even bother killing.

But Zen was his first encounter in this place. A special aura filled Zen's bodily movement skill. Edmond couldn't catch him and had to use his full strength just to tie Zen up.

When he sighed at the strange man, a top-rank True God suddenly formed a strange shadow.

Its power was far stronger than Edmond had expected.

"Have the young fellows from the divine land become so powerful?"

When the two whips came right at him, Edmond was left with no choice but to stretch out his hands and clasp them together, preparing to grip the whips in his hands.


Upon witnessing the scene, Yan snorted.


When Edmond grabbed the two whips, his face changed immediately.

A powerful, tearing force was transmitted. His hands became as fragile as pieces of paper, instantly reduced to brittle pieces of blood.

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