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   Chapter 2475 Determination

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Edmond threw an indifferent glance at Zen who was floating like a leaf, surprise written all over his face. "What a wonderful bodily movement skill! It's interesting how he can use the momentum in such a way."

In terms of bodily movement skill alone, the Eight Smoky Melodies was nothing in the divine land.

It wasn't a theurgy of the Godly Way, after all.

But when it was infused with the Truth of Godly Way, it was a whole new game—Edmond was shocked.

While in his eyes, the top-rank True Gods were rather insignificant, one of them had managed to wiggle his way out from under his feet.


At the thought, Edmond's lips curled into a faint smile.

Then, he rose up, his huge body towering his surroundings.

His leap was somehow mountainous as he slammed his fist right at Zen.

Even if Zen fled extremely quickly, he still couldn't get rid of the giant on his tail.

Looking at the huge figure above his head, Zen smiled bitterly—all he could do was to use the Eight Smoky Melodies again.


With a giant, mountain-like body taking heavy steps, the whole debate venue shook.

Even the bottom of the Sunrest Tree trembled slightly.

The fiend's body came down with a loud sound and a hurricane swept over the mist, turning it into a mess.

Zen was like a mosquito, flying wildly around the hurricane.

From the way things looked, Edmond wasn't going all out in this fight against Zen. Instead, he was somehow mocking the man, trying to catch Zen with his bare hands like he would a bug.

When Yan saw her brother in trouble, she spun and flew towards him without hesitation.


"No one is a match for him!"

"We should've already left this place long ago!"

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The top-rank True Gods present, regardless of the disciples of the wealthy clans or the grassroots, were all frightened and they ran away in all directions.

The True Gods of the alliance of wealthy clans started to hate the Dongfang Clan more—how could they be willing to risk their lives to help them? In the end, they scattered.

"What should we do?"

Solomon was anxious as he asked, seeing Zen in a life and death situation.

The disciples of the wealthy clans were all gone.


s left immediately. The soybean-eyed guy was still surprised to see that Enoch had stayed.

His face turned pale—he was clearly terrified. But in spite of his fear, he said in a low voice, "There is more than one enemy in the debate venue. I'm afraid running away rashly will lead me to a dead end."

With one hand grasping a double-edged sword, the soybean-eyed guy smiled. "Staying here is also a dead end."

But Enoch shook his head. "Not necessarily."

The enemy before them was truly terrifying—Enoch had already heard all sorts of inconceivable rumors about the Abyss Demon Region.

But he had a hunch that staying there gave him a purpose that was yet to be revealed.

"Well, I'd like to think so."

With a gentle smile, the soybean-eyed guy floated away showing no trace of fear in his expression.

"Let's see how you escape this time!"

A series of rough curses came from Edmond's throat.

Having failed to land a hit to Zen for quite a while, Edmond had finally lost his patience.

Blood-red lightning burst from his hand. It formed a whirlpool, completely restricting Zen within.

He saw no window of escape as he watched Edmond's giant hand come towards him.


Zen narrowed his eyes at the hand. He had nowhere to hide and all he could do now was withstand the blow.

But right at this moment, a dazzling purple light suddenly flashed behind him.

Yan's eyes were full of determination. When she crossed her hands, a purple shadow surrounded her.

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