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   Chapter 2474 The Mad Duke

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The crunch of gravel echoed too loudly in the mist, as if it came from a gigantic creature.

The footsteps became increasingly louder and indeed, a gigantic creature was slowly approaching.

On the other hand, the True Gods were so excited when they found the cyan stone tablet that they let down their guard for a little bit.

After all, the most important thing was to get the inheritance of the powerful warrior at the Other Shore Realm. Anything other than that was of no account.

Both Reinhard and Duke thought so, until…

The True Gods suddenly stopped in their tracks when they heard the loud footsteps, turned around and looked at the mist in the distance.

"Hahaha!" Duke laughed wildly. "Finally he's coming! Finally!"

Zen turned around as well to look at the giant shadow within the mist. "What do you mean?" he asked dimly.

"It's the fiend! The fiend in the abyss!" Duke announced madly. "I don't need to give up. Ha-ha! I'm just waiting to get killed!

You and I, all of us will die!" "Is this fiend the incarnation of your fear?" asked Zen.

"Yes," Duke bellowed. "All of you were doomed to fail the moment I entered the debate venue! All of you are doomed to die!"

Then, instead of moving backward, Duke rushed headfirst towards the huge shadow from the mist that slowly approached them.

"What? Why is there a fiend here?"

"Based from what Duke said, he has predicted it ever since he entered the debate venue."

"In other words, he knows what he's afraid of. This fiend is the incarnation of fear that he summoned!"

The chatters became louder as some disciples of the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands theorized among themselves while staring at Duke in the distance with gritted teeth.

"If he wants to die, he can do that himself. Why should he get us all killed?"

"Duke has gone too far!"

"That is a fiend in the abyss. Some of them are as powerful as the Holy Beings!"

Generally speaking, True Gods were able to fight against some incarnations of fear like the Snake Spirit and the Multiple Antennae Snake that had appeared before.

They, however, could not fight against a fiend.

Tyrone and the other six who had recovered their consciousness sat cross legged in meditation. All of them had sus

ng, before it crashed deep into the ground. No one knew if he was dead or alive.

Edmond knew that his own existence was related to those True Gods.

But he was more aware of the fact that none of those True Gods could have possibly created him.

Zen, who had witnessed the whole scene, was shocked.

"He's so powerful!"

Indeed, Edmond could be compared to the Demi-holy Beings, and even the Holy Beings in terms of strength.

He carelessly flicked the mad Duke's body away, when Atlas had noticed Zen nearby.

"Master, it's that powerful man who could cut off my thunder-like body!" he exclaimed.

In turn, Edmond looked at where Atlas was looking and saw Zen. Zen suddenly felt an invisible pressure had surrounded him, and then the air around him became thick and balmy.

"This powerful man you say? Haha..."

As soon as he was done speaking, he stomped on Zen's head.

Even though Edmond had a tremendous size and he looked like he moved slowly, he actually had an immensely fast speed!

Zen was greatly surprised, but he swiftly used his bodily movement skill and retreated.

"The Eight Smoky Melodies!"

The Eight Smoky Melodies had become more powerful after it was fused with the Truth of Cultivation Nature.

As for Edmond, he stepped down with his overly large foot, which created a strong wind pressure. Zen quickly took advantage of the wind and dodged even faster.


Edmond stepped away from the ground where his large footprint was, but there was no sign of his target.

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