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   Chapter 2473 Footsteps

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Looking at the fury in Duke's eyes, how could Zen not understand?

As he fell, a sneer appeared on his face and the four swords of the Gods Killing Sword Array materialized next to him.

He had spent most of his time comprehending and using the Truth of Godly Way during the two years of cultivation.

He then found that the Truth of Cultivation Nature was a lot different from the other Truths of Godly Ways.

The Truth of Cultivation Nature was practically compatible with any theurgy, including the Gods Killing Sword Array.

The four invisible long swords then flew and shot towards Duke.

In this way, he had already made a small breakthrough in Joy's Gods Killing Sword Array.

However, Joy had also felt that the Gods Killing Sword Array used with the Truth of Cultivation Nature was more powerful and had fewer flaws.

After figuring out this, Joy was also working hard on the potential of the Gods Killing Sword Array.

According to her, he might be able to create an array with more changes.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All four swords shot down

as Duke drew a long sword with a wide blade.

However, just as he brandished the long sword, the leading Buddha Emperor Sword struck towards him.


The Buddha Emperor Sword collided with Duke's blade.

Even though Duke was a top-rank True God, he was still unable to resist the killing power of the Buddha Emperor Sword. The long sword almost flew out of his hand.

He stepped back in an attempt to retreat but he suddenly felt shackles on the lower part of his body.

"Long Vine Sword!"

The four swords were controlled by the Truth of Godly Way and all of them moved and worked together seamlessly.

That was the terrifying nature of the Truth of Cultivation Nature.

It made everything natural and harmonious.

"Heavenly Tooth Sword!"


The Heavenly Tooth Sword suddenly hacked at Duke's neck.

But Duke leaned back and managed to avoid a horrible gash in his throat. The attack didn't leave him unscathed though, and he now had a shallow cut on his neck.

After taking continuous blows, Duke finally broke free from the Long Vine Sword and quickly sc

rally greatly reduced.

To everyone's surprise, the disciples of the Sword Clan cooperated so well with each other and even had the upper hand.

Of course, Yan's attack was also very crucial.

Although Yan didn't want to fight those wealthy clans' disciples face to face, the theurgy she cultivated was extremely powerful. Once she used it, she would definitely take one opponent's life.

All she needed was to cast one spell, "Die".

Five minutes passed.

Zen was fleeing backward, calm and cool as ever.

However, the look on Duke's face had darkened, and the red flame on the blood sword in his hand was becoming dimmer and dimmer.

Just as Zen guessed, the method of burning the blood essence wouldn't last long.

Duke was getting weaker and weaker, and he finally stopped and panted with the blood sword clenched tightly in his fist. He looked at Zen, feeling desperate.

Zen still looked at Duke indifferently and said, "You should give up. You have done enough for your Dongfang Clan."

"Give up..." Duke spat bitterly.

It shouldn't have been like this.

Before setting out, Duke had heard about Zen from Rachelle.

She said that they probably wouldn't be able to kill Zen and at that time, Duke did not understand.

But now, he finally did.

Just at this moment, a loud sound of footsteps suddenly came from the distance, and a huge figure appeared in the mist.

Looking at the figure, Duke suddenly smiled.

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