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   Chapter 2472 Carve The Name

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The height of nine hundred and forty feet had already exceeded Yan's height for twenty feet.

Even as Yan attempted another round, she couldn't go beyond this. Duke was thinking that the height was safe for now.

However, he had no idea that Zen would rush up in such a short amount of time.

"Alright then!"

Duke stretched out his hand and scratched, leaving a "Duke" on the cyan stone tablet.

Then he lifted his body into the air and shouted, "Do it! Now!"

His hands morphed into claws and then he rushed towards Zen from above him.

He would make sure to put a stop to Zen no matter what.

At the foot of the cyan stone tablet, disciples of the wealthy clans and the Sword Clan were found to be at a stalemate. They sat quietly, watching Duke and Zen closely.

Just then, Duke announced that everyone could take action as well.

Among the members of the alliance of the wealthy clans, except the seven men with the Phoenix-head Golden Needles in their bodies, the rest of the True Gods took action.

"You, get out of here!"

A sinister smile plastered across Duke's face, and a destructive energy began to erupt from him.

"Destructive Godly Way!

Sinking star in the ocean!"

Before climbing up the cyan stone tablet, Duke had so many ideas and plans running through his mind.

If Zen wasn't strong enough, Duke thought it best to ignore him.

However, if this guy's height slightly threatened him, he would definitely make a move.

Though Zen and Duke were both suppressed by the Truth of Godly Way, Duke had already carved his name which gave him a noticeable advantage.

He would win in any way.

"Brother! Damn!"

Yan grew nervous at the sight of his brother in war with someone so powerful.

Reinhard had led Sword Clan's disciples to form the sword array, ready to fight against the True Gods from the wealthy clans, but Yan was not in the mood to fight.

At this moment, Duke seemed to transform himself into a star and directly launched himself at Zen. He smirked, giving off a face full of pride.

Now that Zen was under such a strong pressure, and he had no way to dodge, he was having a hard time resisting the attack in any way.


and! I think I'm too old to remember this, hahaha..." Gibson roared with laughter.

With a deep sigh, Harold added, "Let's see how Zen can defend himself from Duke!"

"Nine hundred and ten feet!"

Now, Zen had made great efforts to advance over his opponent.

He just needed to surpass Duke, even if by an inch if he could.

However, at this time, the crisp sound of "click" came from the flying sword under his feet again.

"It's finally going to break," he whispered to himself.

The flying sword seemed to be covered with cracks so it was most likely to be broken into pieces anytime soon.

"Strength source..."

Zen had to let go of all of his fortune for a single throw.


Just like that, the strength source exploded and it slammed on the flying sword.


Zen began to spurt upwards.

Nine hundred and forty feet...

Nine hundred and fifty feet...

Nine hundred and sixty feet...

"Now, it is the time!"

Zen's gaze froze as an invisible flying sword materialized before his very eyes.

The flying sword moved on the cyan stone tablet, and a huge "Zen" was finally engraved on it.


Then, Zen's body floated and he fell down.

Duke's heart broke at the sight of Zen's name.

As soon as their eyes met, Duke's face flashed with a certain fierceness and anger.

In the end, this was the result of Duke's little trick. There was only one thought left in his heart: to kill this guy at any cost.

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