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   Chapter 2471 A Glimmer Of Hope

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As far as Harold was concerned, Yan was their best shot of winning in the debate.

Marsh didn't know the Luo Clan's real background, but since Harold only focused on Yan, he, along with Gibson, paid attention to only Yan too.

When it came to Zen, they all thought that the avatar that he had summoned was indeed quite amazing.

This meant that Zen had a deep understanding of some kind of Truth of Godly Way.

But that alone couldn't make up for how much he was lagging behind the others in terms of cultivation base.

Just like Harold had said, Zen couldn't even fly on his own. How could he make a record with the help of the flying sword of the Sword Clan?

Therefore, the three of them hadn't taken Zen into consideration at all.

When Yan had marked her name at a height of 920 feet, Harold and the others had all breathed a sigh of relief. They had been sure that Yan would get the inheritance.

But now, their hope was destroyed!

Duke had easily broken Yan's record with a set of Energy-extracting Needles.

"What should we do?" Gibson asked as he impatiently paced up and down the place.

If the Dongfang Clan really got their hands on the inheritance in the debate venue, how could the Sword Clan shelter themselves in the future?

This would have a far-reaching impact on the structure and hierarchy, and even the future, of the divine land.

They could not accept such a result!

"I wonder what the inheritance of that powerful man at the Other Shore Realm is. Whatever it is, we can't let the Dongfang Clan directly take control of the Sunrest Tree," Marsh said with a bitter smile. If that happened, it was very likely that the Sword Clan would be expelled from the Non-combat Zone.

Staring at the cyan stone tablet with a stiff face, Harold said, "There's still hope. There is still a glimmer of hope!"

In front of the stone tablet, Zen continued to climb up with the help of the flying sword.

The young man who had been led all the way here from the universe by Harold had not given up.

Even if he was only a low-rank True God who couldn't even fly using his own abilities, he was still the seed that Mike had sown.

He had sprouted and grown into a strong sapling.

With a little bit of water

to take the help of the Sword Clan's flying sword to fly.

Achieving a height of 850 feet itself was incredible!

The skeleton in the deep well stared closely at the picture on the well wall.

"It took him almost no time to get used to the rhythm of the Truth of Goodwill and Malice!

He is as smart as his mother.

I haven't seen such a smart man in a long time. Even in the Source World, he would be considered highly gifted," the skeleton exclaimed. "But he won't be able to reach 900 feet with the rhythm alone. He must be taking advantage of the Truth of Cultivation Nature."

Just as the skeleton thought, after 850 feet, Zen's swing range and his speed both increased.

He looked like a phantom that was flashing back and forth.

"860 feet."

"870 feet."

"Oh no! I'm getting faster and faster!"

Zen was using the Truth of Cultivation Nature to move along the rhythm of the pressure.

But although his body could bear the pressure, the flying sword under his feet began to vibrate violently.

Crack! Crack!

Faint cracks appeared on the sword blade.

If he continued to climb against the pressure, the flying sword would probably be shattered into pieces!


There was a sharp look in Zen's eyes.

At the same time, Duke, who had overtaken Yan, finally reached his limit.

He was 940 feet high.

But just when he was about to carve his name into the stone tablet, he saw Zen climb up quickly.

There was determination in Duke's bloodshot eyes.

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