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   Chapter 2470 Be Overtaken

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Once Duke attained a height of 800 feet, his speed also suddenly decreased greatly.

After all, among the over one hundred top-rank True Gods present here, only Yan, Reinhard and the guy with soybean-like eyes had been capable of reaching such heights.

"Humph, go on!"

He mustered all his strength. The Dragon-head Silver Needle that pierced his chest now shone with brilliant, bright light.

The whirlpool in his body spun faster and faster. It was dizzying.

Under the cyan stone tablet, each of the seven people, including Tyrone and Ellis, took one pill and sat cross-legged on the ground.

When Yan and Reinhard saw them, their eyes flashed with excitement.

Although they weren't sure why the seven men acted in such a way, it was clear to them that they had used some kind of method in order to help Duke.

"Zen..." Yan muttered.

She raised her head and looked at Zen in the air above her, her face filled with worry.

Once Duke had reached 800 feet in height, his speed slowed down, sure, but he continued to climb upward at a steady rate.

Despite seeing Duke push forward, Zen had almost stopped after reaching 750 feet.

If Duke broke the record left by Yan using his real strength, there were high chances that they'd lose absolutely everything!

This was the last thing that the Sword Clan and Harold wanted to see happen, of course.

Although Yan rarely took the big picture into consideration, nor did Harold really ever allow her to make the final decision, she knew the seriousness of the situation.

'If Duke really overtakes me and my brother fails, I'll just keep trying, ' Yan thought to herself.

Sensing Yan's nervousness, Reinhard said lightly, "Don't worry. There's still a little chance that Duke won't overtake you." He was trying to be encouraging.

"Okay!" Yan nodded in reply.

860 feet...

870 feet...

He reached 880 feet!

Duke grasped onto and climbed up the cyan stone tablet.

As the daredevil of his clan, he had his back to the wall. He was more loyal than anyone else, and he was more aware of death than anyone else, too.

What he wanted though, was to be alive and see his clan's ambitions and dreams become a reality in the world.

He wanted to overtake Yan and obtain the inheritance for himself.

In this way, he would be capable of saving his life and become one of the clan's masters in the future!

What was more, he'd even have chances of becoming a Holy Being.

How could he give up on such a chance? Such an opportunity?

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Once Duke had climbed to a height of 890 fee

ed to win this.

Wesley and Gino weren't the only ones to take action, in fact.

The True Gods of the union of wealthy clans, such as the Leng Clan, the Mu Clan, and the Tang Clan had also been preparing to make their respective moves.

"If you want to fight, go ahead. We're ready and waiting!" Wesley sneered, his nose raised in the air.

Although Duke was afraid of Yan and Reinhard, they still had a few advantages, thanks to the union of wealthy clans.

Whether in strength or in quantity, never had they feared the Sword Clan before.

As for the other True Gods of humble origins as well as the other members of the wealthy clans, they just quietly retreated to the side. They didn't want to get involved for no reason.

Yan's tiptoe tapped on the ground a few times and she immediately floated three feet above the floor below her. With a flick of her finger, she asked quietly, "Do you really want to fight against them?"

Reinhard felt kind of hesitant.

Just as he was thinking about whether to fight or not, everyone heard Solomon shout out loudly. Duke on the cyan stone tablet had finally broken Yan's record! Unbelievable!

As Yan, the soybean-eyed guy and the others saw that Duke had climbed above Yan's name, their hearts sank deep.

Now, their last and final hope was Zen. It was only normal that everyone was depending on him alone.

However, Zen had barely made his way over the 700-foot mark. He was slowly but steadily making his way upward. It was a question of waiting and seeing whether he could reach 800 feet or not.

They weren't the only ones feeling utterly nervous at this time.

Harold, Marsh and Gibson were shocked to their core. They held their bodies stiff as boards.

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