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   Chapter 2469 The Sword Array

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Right now, most of the True Gods had their names on the cyan stone tablet.

The lowest name was just above four hundred feet while the highest one, Yan's name, rested at nine hundred and twenty feet.

Some of the True Gods had tried a few times. One of the ones from the Floating Islands had even tried more than ten times, but his best result was just six hundred and fifty feet high.

In the end, this disciple of the wealthy clan had given up and resigned himself to watching other people's good performances with a sigh.

As soon as Zen walked out with his flying sword, Duke immediately followed behind.

Reinhard pulled a long face as he watched Duke step out.

It wasn't prohibited for several True Gods to climb up at the same time in front of the cyan stone tablet.

However, it was obvious that Duke, as the leader of the alliance of wealthy clans in the debate venue, had waited for the best chance to take his turn.

When Zen was finally ready to give it a go, Duke moved close to him, putting Reinhard on high alert.

"Duke, if you want to leave your name on the stone tablet, you can wait for Zen to carve his name first. There is no need to go up together," Reinhard said without the least bit of politeness as he stared at Duke.

"Why do I have to wait for him?" Duke sneered.

He had restrained himself from fighting or making any moves this whole time, but that didn't mean he was afraid of Reinhard. He had just been waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

"If you have a problem waiting, you can go first." Reinhard stretched out his hand, gesturing for Duke to go ahead, and then he winked at Zen.

Of course, Zen knew what Reinhard meant.

Duke had purposefully been waiting for this moment to make a move. Obviously, he was plotting something.

Reinhard's words naturally displeased Duke, who laughed and said, "I have the freedom to give it a go whenever I want to. Why should I listen to you?"

No matter what, he was going to follow Zen.

He opened his mouth to spit out a retort, but before he could do that, Zen waved his hand gently and said, "It's okay, Reinhard." Then, with a glance at Duke, he said, "Since someone likes to follow me, just let him do it!"

As soon as he finished his sentence, Zen sli

Zen. "When did I wait for you?"

"If you can surpass me, everyone will be safe. And if you can't, you will attack me, right?" Zen said lightly.

Hearing this, Duke was a little shocked. It was exactly what he had been thinking.

But even if Zen had guessed his plan, so what? Unless Zen chose to give up now, the outcome would not change!

"Humph!" Duke snorted coldly, and the momentum inside his body suddenly burst out, causing his speed to increase threefold.

In the blink of an eye, he left Zen far behind him. Soon, he crossed seven hundred feet and went straight for eight hundred feet.

Zen still looked calm and unhurried. He was slowly climbing on the flying sword with a faint smile on his face.

In the Heavenly Sword Divine City, a trace of tension appeared on Harold's face.

"I didn't expect that Duke would have a set of Energy-extracting Needles!" Gibson said flatly.

Taking a deep sigh, Marsh said, "There are not many Energy-extracting Needles left in the Dongfang Clan. What if Duke surpasses Yan?"

After Solomon had set the Eye of Perception, strong warriors could see details that weren't obvious to the naked eye.

Therefore, they had all watched with a long face as Duke quietly distributed the gold and silver needles.

"Even with a set of Energy-extracting Needles, Duke can only double his strength, at the most. I don't think he can reverse the situation by taking advantage of the needles," said Harold with a frown.

However, Harold's tone was uncertain.

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