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   Chapter 2468 Energy-extracting Needles

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Everyone fell into silence when they looked at the graceful strokes of Yan's name carved onto the stone tablet at a height of 920 feet.

Some of the True Gods didn't want to accept the result and planned to try a second or even third time, even though they knew deep in their hearts that Yan's record was unbreakable.

They looked at Yan's slender and weak figure and couldn't believe that she could have done this.

"I'm afraid no one can climb higher than that," the guy with soybean-like eyes raised his head and declared.

"Yan, you were great!" Zen also praised her.

Yan looked up at the word she had engraved and smiled. "Brother, aren't you going to do it?"

Zen glanced at the group Duke was in, and then shook his head. "There's no hurry."

Since Yan had occupied the first place, Zen was not in a hurry to mark his name on the cyan stone tablet.

Moreover, no one from the alliance of the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands had tried yet. To make sure that he won, Zen decided to be the last one to do it.

"Then let me do it," said the soybean-eyed guy with a faint smile.

As soon as he finished his sentence, a cyan cyclone appeared beneath his feet. As the cyclone circled around, his body spun faster and faster, and a spiraled mass of power began to rapidly rise.

Four more True Gods also began to climb the cyan stone tablet at the same time.

Duke squinted as he looked at the top of the stone tablet.

He couldn't help but feel irritated when he saw the name "Yan" inscribed on it.

"Duke, what should we do?" Tyrone asked.

Tyrone was a warrior of the Mu Clan and had been cultivated by Rachelle.

He had entered the debate venue for the sole purpose of helping Rachelle take revenge.

According to Rachelle's instructions, Yan was not important. Regardless of whether Zen had a chance to obtain the inheritance of the debate venue, his priority was to kill Zen!

However, the strength shown by Yan and the disciples of the Sword Clan had made Duke become very cautious.

That was why he had warned everyone in his party not to act rashly.

Tyrone had also realized that he might not be able to defeat Yan, so he was contro

uring their blood and energy, and even the life vitality and momentum in the inner world of their body.

At the same time, there was a reverse whirlpool in Duke's chest.

As strength flowed into his body, he felt as if his body was being inflated.

It was impossible for the seven Phoenix-head Golden Needles to transfer all of the energy of the seven True Gods to Duke. But his power doubled in a short time after his energy was combined with the seven top-rank True Gods' energies.

By this time, the soybean-eyed guy had already reached the top of the cyan stone tablet.

"850 feet!"

"That guy isn't from a Floating Island either. I didn't expect him to be so powerful!"

"Although he is not as strong as Yan, he is ranked the second..."

The soybean-eyed guy stopped and wrote "Jay" on the stone tablet.

The others didn't care much about the word, but Zen's eyelids twitched when he saw it.

'Did Holy Jay send him?' Zen wondered.

When he had been in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, he had heard that Holy Jay was looking for a True God who could save the divine land. Obviously, in the eyes of Holy Jay, Zen was only one of the candidates.

For some reason, Zen couldn't shake off his suspicions.

When the engraving was done, the soybean-eyed guy descended to the ground with a sour face. He was not satisfied with the height the word was at.

Then he turned his head and looked at Zen. "Zen, we look to you now."

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