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   Chapter 2467 Breakthrough

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Deep in the skeleton's heart, he knew that he would eventually be destroyed with the destruction of this world.

He had been prepared for it ever since he had left the Source World.

His inheritance would disappear subsequently.

This ship carried both hope and destruction.

What he was pursuing was now meaningless.

He watched them struggle and fight in vain, striving for every opportunity.

In this way, a one in a trillion chance could be turned into two in a trillion.

He had once thought it ridiculous. Sure, the probability was doubled, but two in a trillion was still smaller than a grain of sand on the seashore.

However, with these minuscule chances, they had made it to the debate venue.

The skeleton finally understood what the long-haired woman had said; even a one in a trillion chance could mean a lot.

They had transformed that one in a trillion chance into one in a hundred thousand.

Because of that, a faint hope blossomed in his dead grey heart.

After Reinhard carved his name at a height of eight hundred feet, the other True Gods also gave it a try.

"Six hundred and sixty feet!"

"Five hundred and twenty feet..."

"Five hundred and seventy feet..."

It could be seen from this that the strength of the True Gods of the Floating Islands was higher than that of the grassroots True Gods.

Most of the True Gods of the Floating Islands could break through a height of six hundred feet, while the grassroots True Gods, with the exception of a few, reached only a height of five hundred feet. Occasionally, some of them could break through the height of six hundred feet.

Although the vast majority of people could not reach the terrific height of eight hundred feet, their hopes weren't extinguished.

And Wesley also tried it a second time.

This time, he used all his strength, but he only got ten feet higher—seven hundred and thirty feet. That was his real limit.

And as soon as he reached that height, he fell down, not having the strength to even carve his name.

"Brother, it's my turn," Yan said to Zen with a smile.

Zen nodded. Yan stepped off the ground lightly and rose up at a steady speed.

Most o

ehind without any suspense.

Gibson admired her performance, but in his heart, he was a little disappointed.

"I told you, Yan will definitely be able to obtain the inheritance," said Harold with certainty.

Marsh rolled his eyes. "You did, but Zen hasn't had his turn yet. Maybe her brother will get the inheritance."

"He can't fly," answered Harold.

Hearing such an answer, the two Holy Beings were left speechless.

It did make sense.

The top-rank True Gods could fly without anything, but Zen could only fly with his flying sword.

It might not be much of a disadvantage for him during battles, but in this case, it would have a huge impact on his abilities.

After all, he would constantly have to split his focus between rising up and driving the flying sword under his feet.

Just as they were talking, the purple light in Yan's eyes suddenly brightened.

She lowered her head and murmured to herself.

A ring appeared under her feet.

"Break! Speed! Strength!"


As the circular ring began to spin, her body suddenly shot up.

As she climbed, everyone heard a harsh grating sound around her body.

One could only imagine how much resistance she had to face.

Even so, Yan broke through the barrier and reached a height of nine hundred and twenty feet!

As she pointed at the cyan stone tablet with her finger, its surface sank.

A huge "Yan" appeared on the stone tablet, and then she rolled down.

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