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   Chapter 2466 Height

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According to the words on the cyan stone tablet, the inheritance would go to the warrior whose name was inscribed at the top of the tablet. Only the most excellent would be rewarded.

And there was no set limit to prove that one was excellent.

The higher the position of the inscription, the better.

Although Wesley was not very old, he was still a rare talent in the Dongfang Clan.

After breaking through four hundred feet, he did not abruptly leave his name, but continued to rush upward.

"The Truth of Goodwill and Malice is really powerful," Wesley said excitedly. "But our Dongfang Clan's skill is also good!"

Besides the Truth of Godly Way, Wesley activated a secret cultivation method, causing a vast force to burst out of his body.

It was this force that made him accelerate into the sky.

Five hundred feet...

Six hundred feet...

Seven hundred feet...

When he broke through seven hundred feet in the air and raised his head, he was able to see the top of the cyan stone tablet.

The entire cyan stone tablet looked to be about a thousand feet in height.

If he managed to leave his name at the height of a thousand feet, he would definitely be able to obtain the inheritance.

But after crossing seven hundred feet, he felt the space around him become viscous, as if he was flying through thick, heavy oil, instead of air, and he felt like he was being dragged down by countless hands.

"I've reached the limit..."

Seven hundred and twenty feet.

A small snake-like knife appeared in Wesley's hand.

The knife hurtled toward the tablet, followed by a few crisp sounds.

To Wesley's surprise, the material of the cyan stone tablet was soft. It was not hard at all to carve his name into it.

Soon, a few letters appeared on the cyan stone tablet, spelling out "Wesley."


As soon as his name was inscribed, Wesley fell and landed on the ground.

Looking up at his name on the tablet, Wesley smiled and said, "Duke, it's not that hard to carve words on the tablet."

Duke nodded excitedly.

The True Gods had originally been worried that it would be extremely difficult to carve words on the stone tablet, but Wesley's words dispelled their misgivings.

Now, all of them were eager to try their hand at getting the inheritance.


What was more, he didn't seem to have any intention of slowing down.

"It's not enough!"

Reinhard gritted his teeth.

Faint traces of sword textures appeared on his face.

All the momentum in his inner world surged madly like a flood.

"Flaming sword!"


The blood-red sword textures on his face seemed to be burnt, and he shot up with newfound energy.

Seven hundred and eighty feet...

Seven hundred and ninety feet...

Eight hundred feet!

At this point, Reinhard turned over in the air, and the sword in his hand vibrated to form a beautiful shape.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The long sword sparked against the cyan stone tablet.

The word "Reinhard" was carved on the stone tablet and then he fell down.

His name was inscribed eighty feet higher than Wesley's.

Even though Wesley was annoyed, he had no objections. After all, he knew the difficulty of surpassing any distance above seven hundred feet.

Reinhard was indeed stronger than him.

As the skeleton in the well stared at the scene on the wall, a glimmer of light flashed in his hollow eyes.

"I didn't expect that there would be such a talent among the younger generation of the Sword Clan. He left his name at eight hundred feet. Very good!"

Being adjacent to the Sword Clan, the skeleton had witnessed the early growth of the Sword Clan.

During that period, he had even silently given some help to the Sword Clan through the Sunrest Tree.

It was just that he had never thought of leaving his inheritance to this clan.

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