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   Chapter 2465 A Cyan Stone Tablet

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It was obvious that a power separated the mist, almost straight down the middle, providing them with a path.

The path that had appeared out of the blue was abnormal, however.

When the crowd saw this scene, their eyes flashed with reason.

Reinhard, a warrior from the Sword Clan, was clearly the most familiar with the debate venue.

But he never heard that there was such a path in the debate venue.

"Is this a trap?" Reinhard asked, wanting to proceed cautiously.

Zen just shrugged his shoulders carelessly and walked forward with his sister by his side.

One way or another, it was useless overthinking things. They simply had no other choice.

Reinhard watched their receding figures for a moment with a bitter smile plastered on his face. It appeared as though Zen and Yan didn't have any psychological burden whatsoever.

"Reinhard, are we really going in there, too?" Solomon asked, worriedly.

Reinhard only nodded firmly and led the Sword Clan disciples forward at a brisk pace.

As for the True Gods of humble origins, as well as the members of the powerful clans on the Floating Islands, they also chose to catch up, although they had hesitated for a good while.

Because there was no longer any mist obstructing their view, everything in front of them became clear as day. They could see very far off into the distance, without anything blocking the way.

After about 20 miles of marching, deep marks began to appear on the ground. These marks seemed to outline strange arrays in certain shapes.

"These arrays... These arrays are very similar to those where the avatars were summoned! Don't you think?" Reinhard was amazed and excited as he spoke.

He quickly jumped into an array in an attempt to activate it.

However, the array didn't respond, not in the least.

"Why isn't it activating?" Reinhard questioned aloud, now feeling quite confused.

Zen took a careful look at these marks which continued spreading far off into the distance. So much so, in fact, that Zen couldn't see where they ended.

"Maybe these marks are different from what we imagine." Zen offered his hypothesis lightly, moving briskly along the marks that extended endlessly.

Reinhard glanced over at Solomon and ordered, "Plant the Eye of Perception. Do it now!"

There was necessary information that needed to be seen by the Sword Clan leaders.

Upon noticing the strange marks as well, the other True Gods revealed an expectant look as they picked up their pace in order to catch up with Zen and the others.

As for Duke and the rest, they looked at one another and unanimously chose to follow the group, too.

Unwittingly, Zen seemed to have led them to an unusual, outlandish place.

The marks on the ground continued to spread until they reached the very end.

"Look! Over here! There's a stone tablet!"

Zen's eyes flashed with excitement as he saw the towering cyan stone tablet.

What was more, on th

kes the inheritance out on purpose? And what's his purpose?"

"He specifically wants to hand it over to either Zen or Yan," Harold answered.

As he listened to Harold's response, Marsh fell speechless.

"If I want to obtain the inheritance, then I have to leave my name on the top of the stone tablet. That's easy! A piece of cake!"

Someone else had taken the lead.

A top-rank True God of humble origin was the first to rush up. He shot at the top of the cyan stone tablet with might.

However, his speed suddenly became incomparably slow.

A powerful aura emitted itself from the huge words spread at the top of the cyan stone tablet and pressed down on the top-rank True God.

One hundred feet...

Two hundred feet...

Three hundred feet...

As the True God continued to rise, the pressure only became greater and greater. He could barely endure it anymore.


When the True God reached a height of approximately four hundred feet, he stopped abruptly, seemingly having crashed into an invisible wall.

He fell down like a stone thrown into a pool at once.

He didn't reach the top of the cyan stone tablet. There was no way for him to mark his name. It was completely impossible.

As the other True Gods watched the scene, they naturally followed suit, but most of them equally stopped at the four-hundred-foot mark.

Anywhere above that, it was as though they were stopped by an invisible wall of irreproachable strength.

"Let me try!"

Wesley shouted.

His body turned into a cyan light, and a pair of illusory cyan wings suddenly spiraled out and spread around him.

He flapped his wings a couple times before flying upward with precision and skill.

Just as Wesley was about to reach four hundred feet in height, his body began trembling violently. He lost control of himself!

"Humph!" he grunted.

He flapped his wings once more. This time, he broke through the invisible wall and flew all the way up.

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