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   Chapter 2464 The Passable Path

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As soon as the long-haired woman left, the skeleton returned to his original, motionless state.

He gripped his long sword in his hand and went back to staring at the scene on the well wall with empty eyes.

"They haven't given up. They really are a persistent family." The skeleton let out a long, final sigh. "Although there's only a very slight chance, I'd actually like to see them succeed. I'll grant them with this opportunity..."

The debate venue and the entire Non-combat Zone were completely under the skeleton's control.

Although Zen had inferred that something was wrong in the debate venue, he still had high hopes that he'd figure the mystery out.

However, he didn't know that the mystery was controlled by the skeleton!

The skeleton could give his heritage to anyone, as long as such was as he desired.

That said though, if he didn't agree, then no one could pass through the debate venue.

The mist was heavy and white.

Zen, with both his feet on the flying sword, rushed forward.

Reinhard followed right behind him, anxiously.

This situation was now completely out of his control. He no longer had any idea what to do.

According to Reinhard's initial plan, he was supposed to be the one escorting Zen and his sister through the debate venue.

After seeing Zen's avatar, Reinhard was very hopeful about the debate over the Godly Ways.

He had never expected that the incarnations of fears he encountered in the debate venue this time would be the most powerful ones he'd ever seen.

What would they encounter under Zen's lead?


A roar rang out loudly from the mist.

Suddenly, a huge shadow was rushing out toward them as fast it possibly could.

"Giant ape!" someone screamed.

"It's the Giant Mountain Ape that is hiding in the Swirl Forest..."

"It's only a fifth-level beast. It might not even be too difficult to deal with it..."

All the same, the fact remained that it was very difficult for one top-rank True God to fight against a fifth-level beast.

However, there were more than a hundred top-rank True Gods gathered together now, and each of them was ready for combat. For them, dealing with such a ferocious beast was as simple as pie.

"Attack!" Zen shouted at the top of his lungs.

A bright burst of light flashed in his eyes.

He quickly circled around in the sky on his flying sword!


As it grew more and more annoyed, the Giant Mountain Ape waved its thousand-foot long arm, in an attempt to pinch Zen flat between its finger and thumb.

This wasn't Zen's first time facing the Giant Mountain Ape.

Once before, he had been

ff with ease.

"In other words, it's a kind of soul attack. Am I right?" Zen asked, using his curious tone once again.

"Yes, you are. Harold has said that if my soul is strong enough, I can almost kill all living creatures, even Holy Beings, through uttering a single word." Yan smiled with confidence. "Of course, my soul can't be strong to that extent. Not yet, at least."

Such a theurgy made Zen admire her so much, and Yan's ability had genuinely been beyond his wildest imagination.

As for the other top-rank True Gods standing behind them, they were all stunned, their eyes wide as they stared at Zen and Yan.

Reinhard was holding his scabbard in his hand so tightly that his knuckles were turning white. His face was pale with embarrassment.

He had planned to summon the disciples of the Sword Clan to attack the Giant Mountain Ape together, but to his surprise, Zen and his sister had killed it on their own. They did so with ease and in approximately ten seconds. Reinhard even had an illusion and was left wondering whether or not it was a fifth-level beast.

Upon facing Zen and his sister, the beast had been too weak.

After killing the Giant Mountain Ape, the team continued marching forward without hesitating.

On their way, they encountered two more fear incarnations. However, these two fear incarnations were not as powerful as the ape they had defeated not long ago. Beneath Zen and his sister's lead, who appeared totally unbeatable, the others simply had no chance of fighting back.

After having walked for dozens of miles, everyone began noticing at once that the mist in front of them was becoming very strange.

The thick white mist dispersed at once from both sides and suddenly formed a passable path!

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