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   Chapter 2463 The Source World

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"We exist because of them," Edmond said as he glanced at the mist in the distance. "That's the truth. We were created by a strange method with the only purpose of killing those True Gods."

"In other words, it's safe to say that all this is nothing more than a basic trial for top-rank True Gods. Then, we..." Atlas suddenly frowned and stopped speaking.

"Creating a creature that has all the memories is something even a Holy Being can't do." Edmond thought for a brief moment before continuing, "I'm not interested in those guys. Take me to find the Multiple Antennae Snake so I can swallow it. After that, we'll find a way to leave this place!"

Once Edmond and Atlas gained their chance of rebirth, their ultimate goal was to obtain absolute freedom and never to be controlled by others again.

What they didn't know though, was that their efforts were in vain.

At the end of the debate venue, on the huge iron bridge, a woman with long hair could be seen strolling.

Every hair of hers was glowing with a strange luster and it poured toward the bottom of the bridge, all while slowly floating with the gentle wind.

So far, in all its existence, no one had ever crossed the iron bridge.

The Holy Beings of the Sword Clan had made it through the debate venue twice, and yet, they were still blocked by the iron bridge.

Generally speaking, as an incarnation of fear, this woman wasn't qualified to cross the iron bridge, either.

Despite all that, there she was, walking along the iron bridge, completely safe and sound.

After she crossed over the iron bridge, she disappeared into a small cave.

The cave wall, on the other hand, was full of observant, curious eyes. As she entered, all the eyes swiveled and rolled in her direction.

She kept an indifferent look on her face and moved along.

She stopped, and at her feet, a deep well appeared. The aura that it exuded was extremely strong. So much so, in fact, that one could presume that the aura throughout the Non-combat Zone was flowing out of this well.

Without a moment's hesitation, the woman jumped down into the well.


She landed loudly on her two feet. The well was only about a hundred feet in height, and she reached the bottom in an instant.

At the bottom of the well, a skeleton held a long sword. He had maintained his sitting posture all this time.


cares?" The skeleton shook his skull. "It's too late. It's too late for Zen and Yan to obtain my inheritance. We have been falling for too long now. We've arrived in the depth of pure chaos. The ship has already been targeted by the Out-of-Land Fiends."

"The Out-of-Land Fiends? What do you mean by that?" The woman with long hair frowned as she asked her question.

"Well, I've never seen them myself before. The chaos is just too huge. There aren't many records of the Out-of-Land Fiends in the Source World, but I've already noticed their existence," the skeleton replied. "And even without the existence of the Out-of-Land Fiends, you still wouldn't have any chances at winning!"

"Ah. I believe them," the long haired woman said calmly as she kept her composure.

"I hope so. But I'm afraid it's hard to say whether or not Zen and Yan will get through this. They have made the right decision, but the fiend has equally made the same choice." The skeleton pointed to the picture displayed on the well wall.

As she listened to him speak, the long haired woman felt utterly shocked.

Earlier, she had felt suspicious about whether she was the fear incarnation that Zen had created.

Now though, she'd confirmed that both Zen and Yan were located in the debate venue.

How could they even fight against the fiend?

She felt extremely anxious about protecting her children.

"I should have killed him right away!"

The long haired woman wore a murderous look on her face. In a flash, she jumped out of the deep well and quickly crossed back over the iron bridge.

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