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   Chapter 2462 We Exist Because Of Them

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Duke just stood still there, saying nothing.

How could he leave before completing his task?

But he could not tell the others what was playing on his mind.

He had just encouraged them to return together. Now, he himself was refusing to leave. This put him in an embarrassing position.

He glared at Zen, as a killing intention surged in his heart.

"How about we kill them now?"

Wesley asked Duke using his life vitality.

In Wesley's opinion, they had an advantage right now.

Duke was more powerful than any ordinary top-rank True God. Tyrone and Ellis were not weak either, and the members of the alliance of the wealthy clans would be on their side.

Wesley thought that they could solve the problem swiftly.


Duke thought to himself with a hint of apprehension. He had hoped to find a suitable opportunity.

However, while being under siege from the sea of snakes, Yan and her brother chased the Snake Spirit and ran away, while Duke and the others got trapped by the sea of snakes.

More importantly, he had got a very dangerous feeling from Yan from the very beginning. The sword array of the eleven people from the Sword Clan should not be underestimated either. What was more, Zen had a powerful avatar.

"No, this is not the right time," Duke answered telepathically.

The safest way would be to lure out the fiend, and then the fiend was strong enough to kill everyone present there.

This thought brought a smile to Duke's face and he suddenly changed his attitude. "In fact, Zen, you are right. There must be some secrets in the debate venue. Now that we are here, it will be disgraceful to return like this!"

As he spoke, he began to retract the aura that had been spreading out.

"Duke! What are you doing?"

"Are you afraid of them?"

"Zen is so arrogant. Let's take him on together. It won't be difficult for us to kill him."

The True Gods from the alliance of wealthy clans were now burning with rage.

Although they entered the debate venue with Duke, he hadn't let them in on his plan.

After all, not every True God had the courage to sacrifice their own life. If they knew that everyone in the debate venue was sure to die, how many would have actually come?

"We still have a chance to go back right now."


could track down some True Gods by following them for days and nights. It was very difficult to get rid of this bird.

It was said that the Nether Hawk could release a powerful death intent while tracing a True God. A black smoke would encircle the True God.

In the beginning, it would not cause any damage to the True God, but if the black smoke lasted for three days or so, no matter how strong the True God was, they would die without any resistance.

Therefore, if a True God was being targeted by a Nether Hawk, they would certainly kill it, or else, they would be the one to be killed.

Currently, there was a strong black smoke rising from the shoulder of Edmond, the fiend, but this Nether Hawk might not have the chance to kill him. He just pinched the Nether Hawk slightly and it let out a bitter cry. Then Edmond popped the bird into his mouth and began chewing it.

"Ugh, it tastes awful!"

Edmond said with a frown.

The Abyss Demon Region was an unimaginably terrifying place in the divine land, and yet it was much better than this damned place!

After swallowing the Nether Hawk, Edmond remarked, "You seem to be injured."

Atlas nodded respectfully and replied forlornly, "I was hurt by a low-rank True God."

"A low-rank True God?" Edmond was surprised. "Tell me, what have you found?"

"This place is indeed very strange. All my killing intentions are aimed at a group of top-rank True Gods in this damned place!" Atlas had a dubious look on his face. "I feel we exist because of them!"

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