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   Chapter 2460 Unreasonable

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The top-rank True Gods were scared to death.

Many True Gods had been killed by the numerous Three-Element Snakes and Death Bringers.

They finally managed to ward off the sea of snakes. Everyone was still high on the joy of surviving the disaster.

Nobody had expected the red rays of light to burst out of the heavy mist again.

These rays of light moved at a high speed, and there was no time for anyone to dodge them.

By the time they realized what was happening, the rays had enveloped more than ten top-rank True Gods within them. The flesh and bones of the top-rank True Gods were like ice on a hot summer day, melting quickly and turning into a pool of liquid.

Fortunately, there were a few top-rank True Gods who knew it was better to be cautious.

When one of these True Gods saw what was happening, he used his avatar such that it stood protectively before him.

Others soon followed suit.

There were some people with huge avatars, such as the True God of Zhao Clan, whose avatar was a massive elephant.

But some avatars were tiny. A True God simply had a long sword as his avatar and it couldn't block him at all.

As the red rays of light swept around, the True Gods decided to bring all the avatars together to block the light. This way, they finally managed to completely block the red light.

"Reinhard! Are you okay?" Solomon exclaimed.

The disciples of the Sword Clan were excited.

They had gone through enough despair and now, were thankful that they had been lucky enough to survive.

"Did you kill the Snake Spirit?"

"What is going on with these rays?"

One after the other, the True Gods began to ask questions.

Zen didn't have the patience to answer them. With Yan on his back, He walked behind the wall made of the avatars and carefully put her down.

He didn't expect to see her stand the moment he put her down. It looked like she wasn't hurt at all.

"Thank you, Zen, for carrying me all the way here," Yan smiled.

Zen was relieved at how lively she sounded but he pretended to be unhappy. "Looks like you are doing just fine!"


afe and sound.

It was nothing short of a miracle.

"Yes. I've heard of Atlas too. The gap between a consummate True God and a top-rank True God is simply too big."

"It was said that Atlas was so much stronger than a normal consummate True God. But in the end, the Holy Beings had exiled him.

That was how he disappeared."

Reinhard smiled bitterly at these confused voices. He looked meaningfully at Zen, but didn't know how to explain it.

'Shall I tell them the truth? That Zen forced Atlas to retreat just using a sword strike? They won't believe it!'

Reinhard wouldn't have believed it either if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes.

Duke, Gage, Donne, Tyrone, Ellis, and all others from the alliance of wealthy clans remained silent.

Duke's face was etched a perpetual sneer.

It didn't make any difference whether Reinhard was telling the truth or not.

It had been far beyond Duke's expectations when they had managed to kill the Snake Spirit.

Even if the four warriors had the strength to escape from a consummate True God, they would finally have to face a fiend.

Long story short, after Duke followed them into the debate venue, every warrior here would die.

Just as the True Gods had begun to doubt Reinhard's words, Zen looked at the thick white mist in the distance and said to the True Gods, "Don't you think the design of the debate venue is unreasonable?"

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