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   Chapter 2459 Wall Of Avatars

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After launching that sword attack, Zen gasped for breath.

The Ways-blending Energy was very thick, and forcing it out with the Emotion Closing Godly Way had taken a huge toll on all his meridians.

At this moment, the Godly Tile in his body dimmed down.

Every time Zen had used the Ways-blending Strike in the fairy palace, he had needed to rest for a period of time.

Moreover, he had always restricted himself, never daring to release the full energy of the Godly Ways.

But when Zen had seen the consummate True God take his sister away, he had been ready to risk everything.

He had swung his sword without hesitation, pushing himself to the limit.

Now, even the smallest movement made him feel like his meridians were on fire. The pain came in waves; every time he thought that the worst was over, he felt another jolt of unbearable pain.

Fortunately, his attack had been enough to startle the consummate True God, who quickly retreated.

Despite the pain he was in, Zen gritted his teeth and rushed to Yan.

Every inch of the consummate True God's body was covered by thunder; a single touch would turn a person into ashes.

Zen didn't know whether Yan had gotten injured while being held by the consummate True God, so he was very worried about her.

When he finally reached her, he felt a little relieved after seeing the Sky and Thunder Breaking Necklace hanging on Yan's chest. Electric current crackled on the surface of the necklace, but it didn't touch Yan at all.

He had forgotten that this necklace Yan wore could resist all kinds of thunder attacks.

However, he was still a little worried. He put his hand on Yan's forehead and released a wisp of spiritual sense so that he could check Yan's soul, which could have been damaged by thunder despite the necklace she was wearing.

But just as his spiritual sense was about to invade Yan's brain, a powerful force burst out from Yan's brain and blocked his spiritual sense.


A puzzled expression appeared on Zen's face, but then he smiled.

It seemed that Harold had prepared Yan well for the debate. He had not only given Yan a necklace that protected her from thunder attacks, but he had also given her a treasure to protect her soul

silence, Reinhard answered, "That's an agreement among the Holy Beings. How could I know?"

"I don't know much about it either. I just heard that the Emotion Closing Godly Way is related to the Mountain of Holy Beings. Later on, the Holy Beings prohibited the cultivation of the Emotion Closing Godly Way," the soybean-eyed guy said.

"It's related to the Mountain of Holy Beings?" Zen's eyes narrowed.

He didn't care about the ban now.

Anyway, he was just a stowaway in the divine land and his identity had already been exposed. He didn't have anything holding him back.

"I don't know the specific reason, though." The soybean-eyed guy shuddered, poker-faced. Then he looked up at the sky and said, "It's coming!"

As a red light descended from the sky, they quickly flashed to the other side to avoid it.

After they traveled some distance in the mist, a human wall suddenly appeared in front of them.

They were stunned for a moment, but then they all burst into laughter.

The red lights shot out by the Multiple Antennae Snake extended to almost every corner of the debate venue. This place was no exception.

In order to resist the red lights, all the True Gods had summoned their avatars and made them link arms and climb on top of one another to form an indestructible wall.

This was a very practical method indeed. As long as this wall of avatars was placed here, the red lights wouldn't be able to hurt the True Gods at all, no matter how powerful they were.

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