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   Chapter 2458 Repel The Enemy

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A ray of sword light, one thousand feet long, appeared.

Zen had been trying so hard in the fairy palace's training tower.

If the Godly Ways, which were over three hundred, weren't fused and drawn out from the inner world, then they could cause severe internal injury.

The Truth of Cultivation Nature could be used to integrate them smoothly and make the "Ways-blending Energy" become very obedient.

However, despite already being obedient, it was still difficult to tame.

Controlling the Ways-blending Energy after being extracted from the inner world was still difficult because it was very thick.

He tried using the Emotion Closing Godly Way but it was still to no avail.

Fortunately, Zen managed to stumble upon the key to his problem soon.

Back in the Divine Time Temple, Zen saw a huge figure send out a hundred-thousand strikes in just thirteen moves.

Comprehending the mysteries of that amazing master was impossible to do in just a short amount of time.

However, he remembered comparing notes with Rocher when they were still in the universe.

It was through these battles that Zen comprehended a certain extent of the Beginning Swordsmanship, up to the preliminary level.

He wasn't too sure if the Beginning Swordsmanship was the exact same technique practiced by the giant shadow in the Divine Time Temple. Rocher's abilities were limited, after all. What he could concur was that the Beginning Swordsmanship was definitely related to it.

So after fusing the momentum with the swordsmanship, Zen launched his strike once again.

The power that burst out from him shook the entire training tower and startled Saul, Joy, and even Zen himself.

Bromley had put a lot of effort into building the fairy palace after all. It was so solid that even a consummate True God wouldn't destroy it.


As the sword light extended, it transformed into a large, new moon and slashed away at the consummate True God.

The sword light disturbed and cut the flow of the air.

It was so fast that Zen did not even have any time to react.

Reinhard and the guy with soybean-like eyes only saw Zen waving the sword.

In just a flash, a long, narrow cut appeared on his opponent's

Luo Clan was destroyed, Reinhard merely turned up his nose condescendingly at them.

However, it seemed the dispute between the Luo Clan and the Dongfang Clan wasn't as unreasonable as he first thought. It might have very well involved powers far above the rich and powerful clans.

"Sizz, sizz..."

Atlas' body had been cut in half.

An ordinary blade couldn't have injured his thunderbolt body at all.

Facing against several consummate True Gods was something he could easily handle with ease.

He even considered himself as an indestructible existence sometimes, much like a Holy Being.

It wasn't until he was in his most desperate moment that he realized his vulnerability. In the end, he was eroded to death by the air of chaotic energy.

He had been reborn for no reason.

He had initially wanted to grasp this opportunity of having been reborn.

However, he never expected that he would be ended like this by a low-rank True God.

"Has everything changed?" he murmured in confusion.

Half of his body fell down with Yan.

The other half turned once again into a complete human body although the light of the thunderbolt was noticeably dimmer.

Dying always made people cherish their life even more. After realizing that his life was threatened, Atlas knew that fighting was futile and opted to run away instead.


There was a loud noise as he turned himself into a bolt of lightning and fled at a much faster rate than when he came.

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