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   Chapter 2457 Ways-blending Strike

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"Let her go!"

Zen shouted, his entire aura going icy cold.

He had undergone so much hardship and exerted unimaginable effort in trying to find his sister. He travelled through the great world, the Upper World, and even the divine land. It was only recently that he was finally able to reunite with his sister.

There was no way he was letting Yan get kidnapped ever again.


The Sword Clan's flying sword rotated and fell onto Zen's hand.

There was no longer any hesitation on his face.

"You are so childish! Go to hell!"

Atlas felt Zen's remarkable momentum but did not feel the least bit afraid.

His opponent was a mere low-rank True God and there was no way he was going to take him seriously.


Atlas raised his hand and gathered bolts of lightning in his hand.

He was the incarnation of thunder and already had a consummate understanding of the Thunderstorm Godly Way.

There was nothing special about his bolts. However, they were extremely powerful.


The bolts in his hand condensed into a sharp, thunderbolt awl.

"It's so powerful!" Reinhard exclaimed. "Even Master Ivan wouldn't be able to defeat him with the Thunderbolt Sword. Who exactly is this guy? Whose incarnation of fear is he?"

There was a big gap between the consummate True Gods.

Atlas himself was destined to be the top existence among warriors who reached consummation of True God Realm.

In the past, any wealthy clans on the Floating Islands already sent several consummate True Gods after him but none succeeded in bringing him down. Only a Holy Being managed to succeed in sending him into chaos.


The thunderbolt awl in Atlas's hand came straight for Zen.

Zen fiercely waved his sword in the face of such a powerful thunderbolt awl.

The moment he sent out that strike, all emotion disappeared from his bloodshot eyes.

In the past, this sword skill of his, taught to him by Supreme Lord Sword, was called the Gods-intimidating Strike.

in this mist-filled world.

Since this low-rank True God wanted to die though, then he had no choice.

Atlas threw a thunderbolt awl containing sixty-percent of his power. To his surprise, however, it was easily destroyed by a low-rank True God.

What the hell was going on?

Reinhard and the guy with soybean-like eyes were stunned.

The appearance of a consummate True God made both of them feel powerless.

If the top-rank True Gods cooperated with their avatars then it was possible for them to deal with the Multiple Antennae Snake.

However, a mature consummate True God was a different story.

That thunderbolt awl was enough to end Zen.

That meant Yan was going to be taken away again.

Such an outcome would have led to the failure of the entire mission.

Even Reinhard saw no hope.

However, the entire situation was turned around by Zen.

Who would've thought that this young man would easily dissolve a consummate True God's attack?

Moreover, the strike he used to counter Atlas's thunderbolt awl wasn't anything he'd ever heard of before.

As he and the soybean-eyed guy were still comprehending what just happened, Zen was already on his second strike.

"Ways-blending Strike!


He swung his sword once again, directing it towards Atlas as it shone with a dazzling light.

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