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   Chapter 2456 An Accident

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The head of the Multiple Antennae Snake was still spinning as its red light shone on its surroundings.

"Zen! Let's go!"

When she rushed over, Yan called out to Zen right away.

With a nod, Zen somersaulted with his flying sword and joined the team that was ready to flee.

The four of them fidgeted around in the cracks of the red light and constantly dodged them.

"Down there!"

Zen yelled out the warning.

They all dodged to two sides swiftly.

A beam of red light, much like sword radiance extending to an endless distance, shot upward from below.


Just as they avoided the light, another one swept towards them from the other side.

So they sank down and dodged it once again.

Never did they expect dozens of antennae to suddenly emerge from the ground at this time—one of the antennae managed to wrap around Yan.

In spite of being trapped, Yan didn't seem anxious—she barely even struggled. With a slight flash of purple light in her eyes, she uttered, "Break."


The antennae surrounding her were broken in an instant.

When she uttered the word 'break, ' it was as though a person had cut off the antennae swiftly.

"Yan, look up! Watch out!"

Although Yan acted quickly and the antennae had grabbed her for a mere moment, two red lights fell from above her head.

Zen's eyes almost fell out of their sockets upon witnessing the scene.

On the flying sword, Zen immediately halted and turned back.

Reinhard's face changed dramatically as well. To him, everyone there could perish—everyone but Zen and Yan. Nothing could happen to them!

But who could ever resist the powerful light that burst from the Multiple Antennae Snake's eyes?

"Zen, don't go there yourself! Use your avatar to block the red lights!"

After keeping quiet all the while, the guy with soybean-like eyes suddenly called out to him.

Their avatars fell behind. Yan had been bl


This place is so weird."

Edmond had asked Atlas to explore the debate venue where he saw many fear incarnations together with a large group of top-rank True Gods.

But thanks to his cleverness, he had already sensed the strangeness of the place—he remembered very clearly that he had died, so his revival was nothing short of abnormal. He didn't kill anyone—he merely passed there when he sensed Yan's special aura. He wanted to take her away to give her to Edmond.

At the sight of Yan with her eyes tightly shut, Zen's face darkened.

"A consummate True God!"

Both Reinhard's and the soybean-eyed guy's hearts sank.

The fear incarnations in the debate venue were all too powerful to deal with.

If the Snake Spirit alone couldn't be killed soon, it would kill everyone in sight.

When the Multiple Antennae Snake appeared, all anyone could do was escape.

And now a consummate True God had appeared.

"Put her down," Zen said with a voice like a growl.

There was invincible dignity in his voice—a strong intention to kill began boiling within him, making him tremble all over.

"What? You're just a low-rank True God. Your cultivation base should be the lowest among the group." Atlas gave Zen an indifferent glance, fully intending to ignore him.

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